Top 10 Best Women’s Bike Saddle Reviews

A bike saddle is one of the most important parts of having a comfortable and cozy cycling session. By feeling comfortable you’ll be able to perform a lot better and take your cycling to the next level. For a lot of people the best women’s bike saddle they get with their bike works just fine.

Many women are getting on just fine with men’s saddles, just as many women happily ride men’s bikes, but generally women have wider sit bones so there’s a choice of suitable wider saddles to find the best women’s bike saddle.

That said, looking at some saddle ranges, there’s still a significantly smaller choice for women than men, something which needs addressing. Every component on a complete bike has to contribute to meeting a price point, but bike manufacturers aren’t clueless; they may spec a generic product.

However, it is one designed to work for as many people as possible. And for a lot of us the best women’s bike saddle, our bike was born with works just fine. Manufacturers are getting better at helping you to choose the right saddle.

Most have their own system of narrowing the choice, either by deciding what type of cyclist you are — usually in your range of flexibility and your position on the bike — or using a fit system that measures the distance between your sit bones, to pair you with the best women’s bike saddle your anatomy.

The best women’s bike saddle should support the sit bones, not the entire bum. It’s where your hip bones contact the saddle that is the key. The best women’s bike saddle needs to provide adequate support in these two areas. That’s why many saddles are provided in different widths, reflecting the difference in people’s anatomy.

Some manufacturers offer up to three widths to suit the range of variance. The nose of the best women’s bike saddle supports some of the cyclist’s weight too.

How to choose the best women’s bike saddle:


The most important feature you should look from a bike saddle.

A saddle that will make you feel uncomfortable and in the long run painful is not a good specimen to have. Get rid of it as soon as possible.


A waterproof saddle is a great choice to make. You can try to avoid rainy weather, but you’ll still sweat. Having a waterproof saddle will last longer and will have your investment worth it.

Style of Cycling:

Certain models fit different styles of biking. A wider and in surface bigger saddle will fit the casual cyclist who likes to longer ride, the best women’s bike saddle will fit those who try to reduce the weight as much as possible and prefer the more challenging type of cycling.


The best women’s bike saddle gives you value for money. Having an expensive saddle is by no means bad, if it provides you the already mentioned features.

You can get a cheap saddle, you might even end up with an extremely good deal, but in order to do that you might have to dig deeper and make your research thoroughly.

Recommended Best Women’s Bike Saddle:

Terry Butterfly Chromoly Women’s Saddle

Wider in the rear than typical race saddles, this best women’s bike saddle offers great support for a woman’s sit bones. It is completely cut away through the nose and mid section for flex and comfort against soft tissues.

The low-profile flat top with multi density injection molded foam; the rear is a bit stiffer for more pedaling power. Lightweight titanium rails attach to the shell in a combine suspension bridge design that minimizes road shock.

This best women’s bike saddle features a leather cover that wears beautifully over time; it features a cute textured butterfly graphic. The flatter top means that the saddle will not put excess pressure on the soft tissue area between your sit bones.

The injection molded foam is multiple densities, with a stiffer foam on the paddles and softer foam near the nose.

Additionally, the best women’s bike saddle features a thin layer of supportive gel along the top. Unlike squishy seat covers, the gel inserts are firm and give optimal support without added pressure against soft tissue.

A traditional pear shape, the best women’s bike saddle features a full-length channel with a cutout which also helps to minimize pressure. The entire saddle is covered in smooth microfiber with textured leather. It is made in Italy and features the fine attention to detail that is the mark of Italian design.


  • Comfortable
  • Dries Quickly
  • Good Padding
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Pricey

Brooks Saddles B17 Standard S Bicycle Saddle (Women’s)

The B17 is ideal for long distance touring, trekking, MTB, or Road riding. HANDMADE IN ENGLAND – Manufactured by skilled craftsmen for over 100 years using traditional techniques and the finest vegetable tanned leather on the planet.

LIFETIME COMFORT – The B17 shapes to your body over time, like a fine wine – this best women’s bike saddle gets better with age.

THE ORIGINAL LEATHER SADDLE – Often imitated, never duplicated, this simple yet elegant design is the original leather saddle. Don’t be fooled by imitations, this is the best women’s bike saddle, you’ve been looking for.

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – Brooks backs up the B17 with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Comfortable
  • Long lasting


  • Not good for the rain
  • Takes time to break the saddle in

Serfas Women’s RX Bicycle Saddle – RX-922

Serfas Brand RX Bicycle Seats are medically designed and are some of the most comfortable bike and exercise seats on the market today.

Open down the middle, they offer a whole new level of comfort and help reduce pressure on soft tissue areas for both men and women. Helps eliminate numbness and irritation for both men and women.

Soft gel padding for your “sit bones” makes riding your bike or exercise a comfortable experience. This best women’s bike saddle consists of a dual density base which has a layer of sponge and also a layer of gel in addition to other supportive materials that incorporate strength and shape.

When it comes to lifetime of this best women’s bike saddle you don’t need to worry as it’s built to last. The central groove helps increase ventilation thereby preventing the seat from becoming wet and slippery. Overall, the seat is soft and its gel padding is really comfortable.


  • Good for recreational purposes


  • Some people may find the central groove to be too big
  • Priced a bit higher than seats that offer almost the same comfort level

Serfas Dual Density Women’s Cruiser Saddle

Elastomer spring suspension system soaks up the bumps. The Dual Density base technology absorbs shock and allows the base to flex in critical areas. Deep groove design maximizes soft tissue protection and alleviates pelvic discomfort.

Soft open-cell padding is bonded to dense closed-cell foam to provide a firm foundation to support weight on longer rides. A top layer of Reactive Gel adds additional comfort. Two rubber inserts are added to the base for increased absorption.

This best women’s bike saddle is designed for women, with a slightly wider back (to accommodate wider pelvic bones) and a shorter nose.


  • Comfortable


  • A bit too soft at the sit bones for longer rides

Brooks Saddles B67 S Bicycle Saddle (Women’s)

The B67s is the women’s specific version of the Brooks B67 saddle. It’s a bit wider and shorter in length to better fit the female body.

This best women’s bike saddle is said to be the ultimate saddle for comfort bikes. It is one of Brooks wide saddles and is a great choice for riders who like to sit upright on their bikes, with handlebars a fair bit higher than the saddle and most of the rider’s weight on the saddle.

The B67 is plenty wide to make this position comfortable, and has a full set of springs underneath to take the sting out of bumps in the road.

Since Leather is a natural material, it does require a bit of care. It is wise to cover it if you expect to leave it in the rain or snow.


  • Excellent saddle for older riders
  • Good price
  • Durable
  • Breaks in for ‘custom’ fit to your bottom


  • Leather can be a little firm
  • Fairly expensive

Diamondback Women’s Pillow Top Bicycle Saddle

The pillow top has multiple layers of especially soft foam with memory foam to provide comfort all around. The deep channel design; a specially shaped channel that runs the length of the saddle, provides both superior comfort & superb relief for pressure sensitive areas.

Dual-zone relief; double density base with hidden hole advances, provides exceptional comfort and support. Elastomer spring; lightweight spring with superior vibration damping provides a smooth and supple ride.


  • Multiple layers of soft foam with memory foam
  • Specially shaped channel to provide relief for pressure sensitive areas
  • Double density base with hidden hole technology
  • Lightweight elastomer spring for a smooth & supple ride
  • Women’s specific shape for maximized comfort


  • Not the lightest

Serfas Dual Density Women’s Bicycle Saddle with Cutout

Designed to soak up road vibrations, stutter bumps, and rough terrain, Serfas’ innovative Dual Density Technology utilizes rubber inserts molded into the base of the seat to absorb shock.

Together with our patented I.C.S. padding and Deep Groove design, Serfas Dual Density saddles deliver the best support and cushioning to make cycling more pleasure than pain.


  • Surprisingly comfortable
  • Decent value


  • Cutout may not suit everyone

Serfas RX-922L Road/MTB Comfort RX Saddle – Women’s

This best women’s bike saddle is patented I.C.S. Infinite Comfort System. The RX & Deep Groove designs. Dual Density base technology will help make a comfortable ride. Patented Dual Density Base.

ICS Technology for supported comfort. RX Cut out eliminates all numbness associated with prolonged cycling.

This saddle is available in Lycra or waterproof microfiber cover. Serfas RX Saddles are designed to increase blood flow and alleviate numbness.

If you are looking for the best in comfort and protection against any perennial issues, the Serfas RX is your saddle.


  • Gel
  • Comfortable
  • Pain-free ride


  • Heavy

Planet Bike 5021 Women’s ARS Standard Anatomic Relief Saddle with Gel

The Planet Bike ARS is a comfort-oriented saddle best suited to use on a cruiser or daily bike. Thick padding and a full anatomical cut out offer comfort for the rider who prefers an upright stance and would rather skip padded cycling shorts.

We found the Lycra cover to be susceptible to abrasion, but the rails and shell held up well during our testing. Consider the ARS if you are in search of an economical saddle for commuter or cruiser duty.


  • An anatomical groove runs the length of the saddle, transitioning to a full cut out near the nose
  • The Planet Bike ARS comes equipped with steel rails, and a strong plastic shell.


  • padding is extremely thick
  • This is not a performance-oriented saddle
  • The Planet Bike ARS is not highly versatile.

Terry Liberator X Road Cycling Saddle – Women’s

Contoured shape and center cutout provide support for the sit bones while relieving pressure on soft tissue areas.

A layer of gel is strategically located around the cutout and in the rear for cushioned comfort. Perforated and durable leather cover on the Terry Liberator X Gel saddle has contrast stitching for a touch of style; sturdy alloy rails ensure lasting use.

One notch higher on the comfort scale, Terry’s Liberator Gel for women is as soft a touring saddle as you should buy if you’re a pretty serious rider.

Lots of people make the mistake of thinking that a really soft, squishy saddle is the solution to their seat woes, but after an hour they begin squirming because the pressure is spread evenly across all areas.

We’ve engineered the Liberator Gel to give you all the softness you need in a thin layer of gel, with good support below from multi-density foams. Your legs should give out before your nether regions with this best women’s bike saddle.


  • Comfortable
  • Good value


  • Heavy

Final Verdict

Not all women’s saddles have a distinct cut-away. Some have an area at the nose with softer padding, or drillings in the hull so that it flexes more.

Almost all women’s saddles are wider than men’s because a woman’s sit bones are further apart than a man’s. Some manufacturers give their dealers devices that measure the width of the sit bones so you can get an accurately fitted saddle.

However, I will prefer the Terry Butterfly Chromoly Women’s Saddle for me. I love this best women’s bike saddle for its comfort, durability, and design.

The gel moves and can pinch and cheap gel often breaks down fast. Saddles that offer firm support where you need it are better in the long run.


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