City Commuter Bike

City Commuter Bike, 700C Review for Best Commuting

City Commuter Bike, 700C Review for Best Commuting

Due to high fuel price, it is urgent to get a cost-effective transport. Taxis can become costly all over the major cities due to the bigger crowd. As you may have to travel the shorter distance for going school, office or farmers’ market City Commuter Bike can be the best alternative transport for you.

Let’s forget about fuel price, how about the carbon which is polluting our environment every day from our car? What we can do, what is the best alternative? Again, the City commuter bike 700C on hand can be the answer.

With the best commuter bike, travelling the whole time in the city is not costly anymore, further, it is not only giving you a healthy life but also keep our environment safe for your next generation.

Why I need a commuter bike?

A commuter bike is actually preferred for shorter distance travel with comfort. Going to study or offices, along with taking care of the environment are the main purposes of the commuter bike.

Flat terrain is actually suitable for biking in a commuter. In major cities, you may find the different lane for the best commuter bike. Commuting is safer than motor vehicle travelling and also good for the green movement.

Why should I go for City Commuter bike than the others?

City commuter bike is a modern commuter bike, which is much updated from an ideal commuter bike. It has Shimano Altus 8 speeds option, Aluminum rim with CNC and mountain bike like the wide tire for the comfortable ride.

In addition, it has aluminium V-brake in front and rear. Moreover, it offers accessories like kickstand, built-in front and rear rack, full covered fenders etc. Therefore, you can save your pocket from the added expenditure.

Feature of City Commuter Bike

Probably, the city offers the best deal for the best commuter bike on the marketplace. City commuter bike 700C ensures the best quality road riding experience with the prominent features as follows –

  • This Commuting bicycle 700C, has Shimano Altus 8 speeds option
  • Black color bike has a steel made frame with 42CM height
  • Aluminum fork, handlebar, stem and rim with CNC wall
  • 700×28C tires which can give a mountain bike like feel
  • Rear and front V-brake of Aluminum
  • Heavy padded Saddle


You may hear lots of gossips but believe that this City commuter bike has more merits than its demerits.

  • The City commuter bike helps the owner to keep a perfect shape.
  • It also contributes to saving bucks for buying costly fuel.
  • Bicycling is a useful way of workout that helps explain the mind.
  • Sole design is wonderful to attract other cyclists.
  • Sporty feel in commuting.
  • One of the best manners of receiving vitamin D is by bicycling from point A to point B.
  • Besides, bicycling under the sun allows us to display that attractive bronze look.
  • Gears are waterproof and make riding through rainy weather a risk with no harm.


The best commuter bike has only a few demerits –

  • It has a higher price of over $500.
  • There is a slight problem with the torque.
  • Careful braking is necessary for applying brakes during speeding.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, if a person wants to gain the level of pleasure that many of us have found, they should invest in the quality City Commuter Bike 700C. However, enjoy the sunlight and the feel of wind rushing through.

Don’t hesitate to take the right decision and purchase the best commuter bike now.


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