Bicycling is undoubtedly most appreciated and the popular vehicle in the world. Bikers around the world not only takes it as a useful transportation but also as their soul mate. There is an old saying that, ‘You can’t buy happiness but you can buy a bike and that’s pretty close.’

That’s why it is our objective to spread the happiness into the world. There are biker’s forum around you where bike lovers share their thoughts, openions, suggerstions about biking and biking terms, conditions, new events and cycling advisories. So if you want to have bicycling forums sorted out from higher DA to lower DA, then this post is for you. Let’s see the top 21 bicycling forum those are drawing more members and having higher traffic.


Site Url:

DA:77, PA: 48, MR: 6.5

This online community is a great place for live posting and discussion about the bicycle. In this forum, you can find all the updated news about bike and bike accessories. All the latest reviews of new bikes and bike accessories. You can search for tips and news. Some sponsored posts are also available. And another important fact is, members of the forum is active. They have approximately 257,000 members and you’ll always find 200-300 members are active including 1000 or more guest members or external members. Their Domain Authority rate is also very good (77).


Bike radar

Site Url:

DA:71, PA: 26, MR: 0

According to Bike Radar, It’s the world’s most comprehensive cycling website. They ran their blog in USA, UK, and Australia. They have a total member of 280,100. If you belong any three of the cycling community, you can easily choose from the options given right above. Whatever type of cycling you are interested in, they have got lots of reviews, news, articles, and discussions. Also, you’ll find techniques and tips about riding bikes and using different bike accessories. They have plenty of features about mountain biking and women biking. Their domain authority rate is 71 and holds the second position according to this.


Pink Bike

Site Url:

DA:70, PA: 1, MR: 0

Pink Bike has a good history of uniting the bikers around the community. It was launched on 1st January 1998. So it’s one of the oldest bike forums you can find and still running. Mainly, if you are a mountain biker, then Pink Bike is what you are looking for. No matter if you are a beginner or a pro, you can always find something necessary in Pink Bike. Some experienced bikers, bike observers, and bloggers always post their reviews, tips and techniques, some tricks about mountain biking and so on. So if you are planning on something like this, get on and open an account on Pink Bike. The Domain Authority is 70.


Ride Monkey

Site Url:

DA:64, PA: 46, MR: 5.42

Ride Monkey is a supportive site for Bike Magazine ( that was launched in 1994. And their total member id approximately 81000. Ride Monkey mainly focuses on sports personality, new trends, and issues with a style on its own. The members always add insightful features and discussion is always live and descriptive. They have different apparel, accessories, and gear features components and all are very enlightened. They focus on women biking same as they focus on men’s biking and their focus on mountain bike shows a lot of information regarding mountain bike and rough biking. They use sport’s best photography as well. Their DA is 64, and PA is 46 which is a very good sign.



Site Url:

DA:64, PA: 1, MR: 0 by mountain bikers for mountain bikers is the largest mountain biking website in online. It was founded in 1996 by Francis Cebedo and managed by Gregg Kato. Mtbr’s online forum covers free product reviews, bike reviews especially mountain bike, bike accessories, bike shop also they have a low-cost classified section. More than 3.6 million road and mountain bikers visit this website every month. Millions of people visit their forum, user reviews, and pro content areas and share my formations regarding their passionate areas of the bike. Their DA is 64 same as ride monkey but their page authority is just one.


Site Url:

DA:62, PA: 41, MR: 5.82

Cascade Bicycle Club is one of the largest state-wide bicycle organization that is situated in Washington. Their motto is ‘Improving lives through bicycling by getting more people riding more often.’ Their mission is to serve bike riders of all ages and abilities through their forums and online discussions. They believe in improving lives through bicycling. So they have education forums both school-based and workshop, world class events and more. In their forum, they focus on various topics. From the buy and sell of bike accessories to all the government policies and cycling classifieds are included in here. Their Domain Authority is 64.

Site Url:

DA:61, PA: 44, MR: 5.14

This site was launched in 3rd September 2008. But ever since this site is doing a fantastic job in cycling area and won the best cycling website award ‘Cycling Media Award 2014’ and also won BikeBiz website of the year award from 2010 to 2012. They are mainly called on-line resource of all cycling matters. They review spinning bike and kits reviews also users can post news in forum and chat with experienced cyclists. They are mainly UK based website so they often support cycle campaigns to help improve cycling facilities in the UK. They have 15000 listed members in the UK and they are very active in their club.


Single Tracks

Site Url:

DA:58, PA: 1, MR: 0

Single tracks started their site in 1998. They work is in hiking, camping and mountain biking. So their covering area is broad. But still they are a top ranked website for mountain biking. And their large online catalog of GPS mountain bike trail maps are very effective among the mountain bikers. They can also find MTB videos, trail, photos, reviews and directions for mountain biking in their hundreds of mountain bike reviews from active forum members. So their specialty is in mountain biking. So no matter if you are pro or rookie, you can always find something for you stored in there that you can use.


Single Track World

Site Url:

DA:55, PA: 38, MR: 5.38

It is said that Single Track World is so fast getting the news and they are so fast in publishing the news as well. This site is an award-winning the print and digital magazine that was published in 2001. Their forum is always active and they cover the area of different types of bikes. They post the justification for buying an expensive bike, the reason for keeping the cheap bike, an ear to ear grin, tells you why you should go outside with your bike in summer Sunday morning. In fact, with approximately 11000 members and guest contributors, you will find lots of reason staying in touch with this forum or magazine. And their Domain Authority is 55.


Road Biker View

Site Url:

DA:54, PA: 1, MR: 0

A popular online community of cyclists. This site is mainly an online shop where cyclists can purchase latest and kits that are suitable for their bikes. Also, they have a forum where both men and women cycling sections are contributed for latest bike news, pros and cons of different bikes and bike accessories and so on. With 18000 members and viewers, they continuously upload inspiring photos of riders in the forum and blogs. Users keep the viewers up to date with the recent industry and technology news regarding bikes. Also, they post about lots of cycling tips like where to find best kits in reasonable price? Where to ride? How to ride? And so on.


Bike Pittsburg

Site Url:

DA:54, PA: 53, MR: 5.76

Bike Pittsburg is a non-profit organization situated in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, founded in 2002. They work for better biking and walking conditions so you feel safe using their road tracks. So their focus is on a different area. Instead of focusing on bike and bike accessories, they focus on bike tracks, roads, the safety of bikers. They are working on transforming their streets into vibrant, healthy places by creating safe and accessible and usable bike tracks for every biker. They also have a section of women biking where they encourage women of all ages and backgrounds to incorporate bikes in their life. They run in-depth discussion about women biking to encourage women biking in the community of Pittsburg. Their products are Bike Lanes, Sharrows, Advocacy, Activism, Community, Bike Racks, Traffic-calming, Better pedestrian facilities, Livable Streets, Complete Streets, Bikes on Transit, Bike-friendly Workplaces, Bike Route Signage, Safety education, Bike Valet, Membership, and fun events!



Site Url:

DA:50, PA: 16, MR: 3.45

Recumbent is a different kind of bike. Where you will be able to lie down while riding, Charles Brown- one of the top designers of recumbent bike shows that recumbent needs High Voltage Power Supply (HVPS) to run this recumbent or electronic public vehicles like this. This is situated in Pennsylvania and a great promoter of recumbent bikes to the users. They won 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 Best Recumbent Dealer of State College. And in their forum, the discuss these bikes and reviews the pros and cons about the recumbent bikes.


Team Estrogen

Site Url:

DA:48, PA: 33, MR:4.77

Team Estrogen is founded in Hillsboro, Oregon and launched in 1998. They are all about women bike and women bicycling apparel. Their shop is online oriented and they provide good quality online bike accessories for women and gives good and useful reviews about women bike and other latest news about women bike. They are determined to meet the needs of every woman who wants to ride their bike in comfort and style. Their products are Women’s bike shorts, cycling jerseys, tights, knickers, jackets. Their DA is 45.


Total Women’s Cycling

Site Url:

DA:45, PA: 48, MR:5.48

Total Women’s Cycling is a women bike based website that established on 17th December 2012. It is UK’s most popular women based website that contains different types of women bike review and they also focus on MTB and Commuting. They update all the latest news of women bike and the latest clubs and different events that they attached and gives lot of reviews and discussion from the general members to bike experts. Their Domain Authority is 43 and Page Authority is 46.


Cycling Forums

Site Url:

DA:43, PA: 46, MR:6.16

Cycling Forums is founded on 20th October 1999. It is a community of dedicated to road cycling and mountain biking. Approximately, 20700 registered members and this is the largest cycling forum you can find on the internet. They discuss all the cycling equipment, road cycling, cycling training, professional training, power training, and mountain bikes, women biking, buying cycle recommendations, health, and nutrition, bike connections, commuting and road safety, Triathlon, Track racing single speed and so on.


Bikerlington Forum

Site Url:

DA:42, PA: 51, MR:5.11

Bike Arlington is first founded in Arlington, Virginia in 2009. It was mainly an initiative of Arlington Commuter Service with the purpose of encouraging people about riding bikes. Their focus is broad. They want to ensure the safe route, trails and intersections for school Childs, parents, business owners, park planners, urban designers, event planners working to create places and events that welcome cyclists. Total member of Bike Arlington is 2184 and many of them are active members. ACCS programs are designed to encourage the use of mass transit, carpooling and vanpooling, bicycling, walking, teleworking, and other alternatives to driving alone. The League of American Bicyclists rewarded them as a Silver Level Bicycle Friendly Community.


Brit Bike

Site Url:

DA:35, PA: 32, MR:5.03

Brit Bike is mainly a UK based motorcycle pit shop where they discuss different types of motorbikes and bikes. They have a forum with lots of members and guests. They started their operation in 1996. Even though their forum discussion is limited in British Bikes and accessories, it can be a great deal for the British bike and motorbike users.


Cycle Chat Cycling

Site Url:

DA:35, PA: 28, MR:5.15

Cycle Chat is a funny and friendly cycling forum for the viewers. If you are looking for truly interactive cycling forum, then this is what you will like. It was founded on 12th December 2005. You can find stories about run-ins with motorists, budget bicycle tips, and other cyclists’ information. You can find where cycling events are taking place, where you can fix your bike at the cheap price and where to hook up with the cyclists of your community. Also, you can search for questions regarding the cycle and their live discussion is always hot. Though their DA us merely 34, the total member of them is 2270.


Bicycle Network Forums

Site Url:

DA:35, PA: 30, MR:3.91

This is an Australian cycling based network that was founded in 1975 situated in Melbourne, Australia. Mainly it is a charitable community that promoted health consciousness by getting more people cycling. They have strategies of riding bicycles more easily. They are aimed to change at societal scale- they tend to use social measures like the census to see if the bike riding is growing. Their forum members are 4492 and they post about all types of cycling related contents. They also discuss increasing and improving bicycle infrastructure and run large scale behavior change programs such as Ride to Work and Ride2School.


Bicycle Network Australia

Site Url:

DA:34, PA: 44, MR:4.92

This is also an Australian bicycle community founded on February 10, 1999, that features regular Australian cycling news, updates, articles, and reviews of several accessories and gears. The forum has 22660 members and post reaches 8000 cyclists daily. Apart from forums, this site has a cycling directory which is very useful for the cyclists. They can find different types of associations, organizations, cycling clubs, media, user groups, repairing shops and so on. So along with all the discussions, these become so helpful for the bike riders to stay updated, informed and connected.


Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA)

Site Url:

DA:30, PA: 15, MR:4.4

WABA promotes bicycling for fun, fitness, and affordable transportation. They are conscious about better bicycling conditions and the use of alternative transportation system for kids, drivers, adults, parents for best safety and practice. This site is being operated by Washington, District of Columbia is founded in 2009. They throw lots of events for women as well. They imply workshops, rides, and mentorship to the members especially the women. They help members to continue innovative works to get more people in D.C. area to ride bikes.