Bicycling gives you the opportunity to have fun and get exercise at the same time. People of all ages love bike riding. Cycling is good for health and harmless to the environment. You can use a bicycle as your usual transport that will combine your regular exercise with your daily routine. It says that over one billion people ride bicycles every day – for their regular transport, sport, and amusement. You can also reduce the risk of chronic diseases. From research paper, we get that you can reduce the chance of Diabetes, heart attack and stroke.

We know the importance of the bike in our daily life and for these, we recommend you to go through the ultimate guide to getting the best solution for you. At the starting of the guide for the best bike for women, we give some important tips for the beginners.


Do you know that cycling is the best way to keep you active in your simple daily works? Simply, the cycling will give you the easiest chance to make you fit.

2.1 At starting

As a beginner, you have to know that cycling is a milder form of fitness work for almost all. In case, if you have a major health concern, you should visit an expert.

For small space to travel, you may use single speed cruiser or your oldest bike. If you have to adjust your budget, you may take a used bike. In this case, you may have to make some renovation to make it usable.
However, if the budget is not an issue, you can choose the new bike for you to serve your needs. You can choose a mountain, hybrid, road or urban bike. An expert bike marketer can help you to get the best bike, which suits your need within the budget. There are also options for biking by the physically challenged people.

As a beginner read the next two steps to know more about biking/ cycling –

2.2 Safe biking

Find out safe zone for practice.

Use head safety gear/ Helmet.

Be sensitive to condition (Keep open your eyes and ear).

Check the bike.

Plan the biking path and be alert.

Never forget to follow the codes of highway.

It is better to choose the free road for practice as a beginner and keep it in mind unless you are habituated of biking. This might be the local playground or park.

You should always aware of your head injury while biking and for this never forget to use the helmet. Everyone knows the head is the most important body part.

You should be aware of the climate. As a beginner, people often forget about the climate.
You should check the chain, brake, gear and saddle adjustment before going out.
Before being an expert, you must select the smooth surface for your riding practice. You must also take a good knowledge of the highway riding code before starting on regular traffic.

As a beginner, you must have the knowledge that one adult person needs to ride 2 and half hours in a week with a gentle speed. This is important to maintain a good health. However, 30 minutes of riding in a week with a good speed may be sufficient.

2.3 Sustain Your Motivation:

2.3.1 Make it a routine work

The best way to make the biking your routine job is to use it as your daily transport. You can use it for going to your office or school. All you want for this is to find out the quickest path for the bike riding. However, you can use your Smartphone to do this for you. A lot of verified software is now in store to help you.

2.3.2 Riding to office

Using the bike for going to the office is cost effective and healthy. It is also environment-friendly. It may help you to keep good health.

2.3.3 Riding to school

Using the bike for going to school will give you a feel like leisure. It also has the same benefits of riding to the office. It may help you to grow up properly.

2.3.4 Enjoy Riding with Family

We all know that women are very influential. You can make a bike tour to your locality to see the beauty of the countryside with family. This together hangout can enhance the bonding.

3. How can you decide the best bikes for women?

It is very important to get the best bikes for women, which serve your need. Without any doubt, you have to decide what your purpose is. What should you do with this bike? The form of the bike is vital to decide. Each bike has its own aspects of different women.

To obtain the best bikes for women, you have to follow the steps –

3.1 Choose the right bike for you

Be sure about your need and ask the following to yourself before making the decision –

What types of riding will you do?

Where will you be riding?

How much time you want to spend with your bike?

Is it for your health and fitness?

3.2 What types of riding will you do?

Actually, you can use your bikes for several purposes. In recent marketplaces, a wide range of bikes is on hand to meet your need. Based on purpose and maker, there is a large range of features on the bikes. In the actual word, the type of riding will help you to decide the ultimate buying.

3.2.1 Touring


Distance riding is the other term of touring. Actually, you can use this type of bike as your daily transportation for office, market or university. You can also use it for an overnight trip or month long journey with an easy gear system. During travel, you may love to travel in wild, urban or rural areas. Therefore, your bike should have the ability to go through a rough environment. For the long journey, you will definitely need side carriers and basket to carry your basic required materials like food, water, bags and so on. The saddle must be comfortable to give an extensive companion. Besides this frame size and materials, you have to consider about the type of tubes and tires before buying a bike for touring long distance.

Therefore, a bike for touring should contain the following features:

These bikes should have comfortable saddles. For long riding, there is evidence that hard seats are better than soft ones.

the bike frame needs to be light but solid

it must have 21 Gears or more

medium-width tires

Drop handlebars, which let your wrist be relaxed time to time with the different positions of your movement on a long journey.

Waterproof pannier. Better to use panniers on both the back and front of the bike for a balanced riding.

Fenders are essential for distance riding during the rainy season.

You must carry some repair tools always for facing any difficulties.

3.2.2 Leisure


This is actually for enjoying your spare time. You may have a pleasant tour in the beach, park or new town with your bike. This is often for the fitness gigs. In a Sunday evening, you can go for a short ride with your friends or family for spending sometimes together on your bikes. It is totally for fun or sometimes related to health issues. Though these rides are usually short, you do not need any extra gears. Any type of simple bike is fit for accomplishing this purpose.
Therefore, a bike for leisure should contain the following features:

For leisure, riding soft seats will be the right choice.

Aluminum bike frame will be the best

Small-width tires

You can choose between Drop and Bend handlebars.

3.2.3 Road Riding


This is for the small distance riding for daily life. You may go to your workplace or the supermarket with your bikes. The regular exercise and fitness is the main purpose of cycling. You will be happy to know that any kind of bicycle you can use because the road surface is generally in a reasonable condition. It gives you an easy solution to your daily communication; on the other hand, it is beneficial to health. It can be a pleasant option for your recreation.

Therefore, a bike for road trip should contain the following features:

The soft seat will be perfect for road biking.

For bike frame, Carbon or aluminum will be the best choice.

It must have 6 or more speed options

Medium to large width tires

Straight handlebars will be preferred.

A carrier can be used for holding your stuff

3.2.4 Off-Road Tracking


Off-road biking refers to riding on unsurfaced roads or tracks, made of materials such as sand, riverbeds, rocks, mud, snow, and another natural terrain. For avoiding traffic, people often choose off road tracking as a short cut. Some manufacturers offer bikes specifically made for off-road use. For off-road riding, you must choose your bike more wisely that is capable of accommodating off-road biking. You may need to choose off road riding for your regular transportation depending on your living place or the route you love to take. However, adventure loving cyclist often loves to take the challenges of off-road biking. Usually, a specific off-road, mountain bike or hybrid bicycle are perfect for these surfaces.
Therefore, a bike for off road should contain the following features:

For off-road tracking soft seats are better than a hard one.

The bike frame needs to be light but solid.

It must have 6 or more speed options

It must have 21 Gears or more

Large width tires

Drop or straight handlebars

3.2.5 Racing


If you want to use your bikes for racing then you have to choose your bike with some specific features of speed and performance. Bike size and frame materials really matter for racing bikes. The race is a favorite plan to enjoying with friends. You may need to make a challenge to your friends or need to be a winner among them. You can be a health conscious person and racing is the best option for you.

Therefore, a bike for racing should contain the following features:

Comfortable saddles must. The hard seat will be best for racing.

The bike frame needs to be light but solid. Carbon may be the best material.

It must have many speed option

It must have 21 Gears or more

Thin width tires

Bend or straight handle which let your elbow fixed time to time with the different positions of your movement on a racing.

It is better for not using any fender or pannier.

You must carry some repair tools always for facing any difficulties.

3.3 Where will you be riding?

The area you live or travel may influence your buying. Because you wish to buy, a cruiser but you need to travel in a hilly area, which is not wise to buy. The places may be like –

3.3.1 Mountain & Hill


If you need to travel in such an area full of small hills that you can climb easily with your bike having gear, the mountain bike must be the best choice for you. Hard brakes, specially designed wheel, and other features will be helpful to ride on rocks.

3.3.2 Bike Path


The bike path is nothing than the regular street; you use to travel for shopping, school or office. A simple city or road bike is enough to serve your needs. You can enjoy you riding with having a good health in a subconscious mind.

3.3.3 Countryside


You may live or work in the countryside like a rural or urban area. You have to travel every moment for work. You may also have a firm to visit or enjoy the site. A cruiser or urban bike might be the best choice.

3.3.4 Off Road


No doubt, that you might be an adventure lover. You may like to travel on a rough road or you have to travel through, for your work. The best shock absorbing power is a must for your safe riding. Best bike suspension is a must requirement for you.

3.4 How much time you want to spend with your bike?

The time you are going to spend with your bike will help you to estimate your budget. If you have the plan to ride every day, you must have to think big and the maintenance cost will be high. The comfort bike is good for your commuting. On the other hand, if you will spend only the Sunday with your family or friends, you may not think about many costs. The cruiser bike might be the best option. You may share your price with your family member if you need to get a cheap one.

3.5 Is it for your health and fitness?

Biking might be the best form of physical exercise. If you need to take pleasure of riding with fixing your health, single speed bike will be the right one for you. It will help you to burn an excess calorie. Cycling is good for pregnant women, older citizens etc. This form of exercise is best suited for all age group. However, if you have any previous complication history, please take expertise advice.

If you already have a sound body, biking is a nice way to maintain a good body.

4. What will be the size of your bike?

An expert bike marketer may be the best option for you. The marketer can advise you the right one for you. The perfect fit is essential for you. Because if you take a bike is not fit your height, you definitely have muscle pain which makes hindrance for riding. If the saddle height is too much, you may seem to fall each time you ride. But the good news is that most of the bike have the adjustment options. You can adjust the size for you.

You should remember some thumb points for this-

Be confirmed that you need to bend your body slightly when you reach the lowest point of your pedal. You may need to adjust the saddle for having this.

Your elbow must be in a fair distance from the handle and it may have a gentle blend to keep you steady while riding.
Although many of the best bikes for women do not have the middle bar, you need to have a one-inch gap between the bar and your crotch upon standing on the bike if it has the bar.

Some website provides some perceptual calculation on the size of your bike. Your height is the influencing factor here. You have to put your height and your e-mail to get a quick result and most of them do not charge any bucks. There is a kind of chart also available, which is very simple to understand. You can measure your own requirement from this.

5. What will be the type of your bike?

Based on the type of riding, they are the wide range of bikes in modern biking. Most of them are not only cared your purpose but also care for you. Your riding will turn into the pursuit with serving your needs. The specific bikes are designed which can be guessed by their name. Some of them are the road bike, city bikes, and cruiser bike. These bikes can also have a mixed plus over their names. Some of the most prominent bikes presented here, based on your need –


Perfect for – Roadway

Fine frame and a thin tire is the trademark for this bike. It has also a tiny wheelbase and flat handle. It actually has lightweight than other bike types. This is best for regular riding, distance touring, fitness riding etc. For charity riding or racing, this type is ideal.

Pay Range: $120 – $2000+.


  • Best for fitness riding, charity, and racing
  • Lightweight
  • Wide range of size available


  • This is worst for off road riding.
  • Need to adjust fitting for each road.

5.2 Touring Bike

Perfect for – Long distance riding in Roadway

This is best for longer traveling by bike. It is harder than the road bike, structurally. They are also lightweight and have a large wheel and flat handle. You may enjoy the lower speed while moving down from the hill. This bike has a cargo like use.

Pay Range: $110 – $2000+.


  • Mixed advantage of longer traveling and hill climbing
  • Lightweight
  • Flat handle
  • Speed options


  • This is worst for off road riding.
  • Need to adjust fitting for each road.

5.3 Mountain Bike

Perfect for: Mud or shaky trails and rocky roads; OK for Roadway too (with tire modify)

This is much heavier than the earlier types. Multiple speed options with the best suspension for sock masking are its best features. You can ride safely in the rough road with this type of bike. Most often, people use this bike for other purposes than it actually intends.

Pay Range: $250 – $2000+.


  • Best suspension
  • Speed options
  • Safe riding
  • Good for off road riding


  • Heavyweight
  • Worst for commuting

5.4 Comfort or Hybrid Bike

Perfect for: Roadway or vex/mud roads.

This is for the amazement or leisure riding. You can enjoy having a tour to your firm or go to the market. They always have soft paddy seat. Good shock absorber in the saddle and flat or curved handle gives a nice riding experience. The hydride one is a mixture of comfort and mountain bike.

Pay Range: $100 – $1800+.


  • Leisure riding
  • Multiple gears
  • Lightweight
  • Nice for commuting


  • Worst for off road riding
  • Hard to hill climbing

5.5 Cruiser Bike

Perfect for – Roadway, sandy beach or soil walkway

This might be the oldest model of bike in the world. However, they are best for leisure riding in farms, beaches or in parks. Usually, they have a single gear or speed. Cruisers have a long tire and can only better in-plane surface riding.

Pay Range: $100 – $1200+.


  • Leisure riding
  • Nice for commuting in small distance


  • Heavyweight
  • Worst for off road riding
  • Single speed option

5.6 Electric Bike

Perfect for – Long distance riding in Roadway or walkway. Roadway traveling to the office or school is also the very important to use it.

This is for those people who wants to ride a bike but hates to become sweaty. This is a petrol or electric motor driven engine, fixed in a bike. The rider can easily control the bike speed. The riding becomes tough you take off the engine.

Pay Range: $400 – $2500+.


  • Regular riding
  • Nice for commuting in long distance


  • Heavyweight
  • Useless without engine
  • Single speed option

5.7 Folding Bike

Perfect for – Roadway traveling to office, school, or supermarket

You can fold the bike within a short space. This will give you the freedom to carry your bike anywhere you need. They are mainly lightweight bike and possible to arrange in a bag. This is easy to break and set.

Pay Range: $120 – $1500+.


  • Regular riding
  • Nice for commuting in small distance
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple speed option
  • Easy set and break


  • Worst for off road riding
  • Bad suspension capacity

6. Parts of Best bikes for women

During the selection time, you must have a look at the following points of the best bikes for women. This will give you the confidence on the bike you chose.

6.1 Saddle

Can you think about the best bike for women without a saddle? Of course, the reply will be no. The saddle is a vital part for selecting the best bike. The common complaint about the woman’s bike belongs to the saddle. The poor quality saddle can spoil you riding. Luckily, many brands put the emphasis on making the best seat for the bike. Cut saddle is the novelty for the women. Seat design and place is vital for the comfort level of the bike. The makers design saddles to serve a range of bikes like racing, comfort etc. The designer seat can serve your purpose in comfort.

6.2 Rim/ Wheel

The wheel is a vital part for selecting the best bike for women. The wheel is a major factor about the comfort riding. A nice thing about the wheel is its design not changed grossly over the years. This is due to the simple design and best output.
The wheel rims are of three types based on the tire number. Among the types, the tubeless is more popular. Rim width is also very crucial for cool riding.
For a long-lasting wheel, the tension of the inbuilt stuff should be high. If not high, the packed spokes might get loose.

6.3 Pedal

If there is no pedal, how can you use your bike? From this point, it is clear that the pedal acts as a link in you and the bike. Their energy you use to pull the bike has passed through the pedals. It has a vast impact on the comfort of a bike. Therefore, it is a key factor to have the best pedals.

6.4 Suspension/ Shock Absorber

This part is a vital one and related to the comfort of the best bike for women. Especially, if you need a commuter or mountain bike, the best suspension should be the most vital point. If not, you might get the worst lesson of your life.

6.5 Beam Construction Material (Weight of the Bike)

The weight of the bike depends on the construction materials of the best bikes for women. There are actually four types of stuff available in the sale. They are steel, alumina, carbon fiber and titanium. Most preferred bikes are made of either steel or carbon. Steel is the best for strength while carbon fiber is lightweight.

6.6 Tire

It is also for the comfort of the riding. The best tire may give you a feel that you are above the land. Like rims, tires are also having three classes. They are like tubeless, clincher and tubular.

Clinchers are usually lighter in weight and cheaper than the others are. They can assume a lot of pressure. It is very easy to repair in the puncture. Not surprisingly, cruiser gives the best experience of it.
Tubeless are heavier but more strengthen than the clinchers. They are costly and tough to repair. However, you can get the best riding experience. This might be best for mud or graze road-riding vehicle like a mountain.

Tubular tubes are lighter than clinchers and possess almost same strength. This is best for using in road bikes. You can repair it very easily.

6.7 Brake

A wide range of breaks is available in the marketplace. They are may be in the disc shape, v shape, caliper or linear etc. For the top class fit, disc brake will be the best choice. You may depend on the hydraulic or mechanical system.

Disc brake will be better for your wheel. It will protect the wheel from rapture. However, it may charge about a $100 maximum.


Like all, the brand is also the key for selecting the best bikes for women. Each brand has their own style to satisfy their clients. Some of them are Vilano, Shimano, and Northwood etc. Huffy also has a wide range of special collection for women cruiser bike. On the other hand, Shimano and Northwood offer a variety of cycling modes like a mountain, road, urban and hybrid bikes for women.


You should be careful about the spare parts of the best bike for women. For some, they are easy to find and for others, they are very difficult. It is a good way to choice one with available Spares. This will help you to enjoy riding fearlessly.


You should search carefully about the quality of the accessories and their availability. The most important accessory is the helmet as it a life-saving gear for a rider. Rider shorts, shoe, globes etc are also very useful gears. For making your bike nicer to look at, you may have light, basket, bell, water pot carrier etc.


If the way to set the bike and repair is simple, it will give a positive point to consider in the buying intent. The simple plan will help you to fix any issue or to upgrade it to certain esteem. Modified bikes often make a good sense.


You should not have the great budget to get the best bike for women. You need to set an amount and search one that easily fit your choice. If there is a lack of budget, you may upgrade them to a certain level of your need. So having the option to upgrade your bike is important if you have lacked in your budget. People often adjust their choice to fit their budget and update them later to the certain level of need.


You may have many benefits from the best bikes for women. It will help you to have a fit figure. You may able to lose your extra fat with it as biking is a good form of exercise.

By riding the best bike, you cannot only able to save your money but also able to cut a large amount of time to attend the gym. Moreover, you can save fuel, environment and the earth as well.

Within this time, you may set your mind to buy the best bikes for women. Think and consider all the points you read for buying. With this, you can assure yourself about the best women’s bike. Getting the best bike will secure a healthy life for you. Of course, you will enjoy the riding.

You have to choose the best one for yourself. You should remember that the bike must serve your need in a comfortable way. Be sure you get all the needed options in it and easy to use and repair. After buying the best bike for women, you will love to ride it.