Top 5 Best Bikes for Girls Under 18

Now that it is summer at last, it is a great weather for riding the bicycle! Whether you use a bike for recreation or for transportation, there is a dazzling array of options to choose the best bikes for girls. There are mountain bikes, street bikes, bikes with training wheels, tricycles, and more.

In addition, should you opt for a traditionally framed bike, or one with a low crossbar, typically made for girls? There are even different girl bike sizes as well! What size frame will best suit your needs? Moreover, how do you go about choosing the best bikes for girls or an important girl in your life?

How to Choose the Best Bikes for Girls?

So, how can you go about selecting the best bikes for girls? There are a great many factors to consider. First, how tall is the intended rider? If she is between the ages of three and seven, obviously you are not going to want to purchase a bike with a twenty-four inch frame. Second, how old is the intended rider?

Many sizing guides for the best bikes for girls are based on age, rather than height. This guide from the BBFW has a few helpful charts in determining what girl bike sizes you should be looking for. Third, can they actually ride a two-wheeled bicycle yet? Alternatively, should you be looking into a tricycle or training wheels?

Highlights and Other Considerations


Something to think about, particularly if you are purchasing the best bikes for girls, is whether she will need training wheels. Training wheels are fantastic! They will help her to make the transition to riding a regular two-wheeled bike and even feel like a big kid.

This will be great if you have older kids as well because then your youngest child in training wheels will feel more included because her bike looks more like her older siblings’ bikes. The RoyalBaby Jenny Girl’s Bike or the Hello Kitty Girl’s Bike, are both great options for Girls Bikes that come with training wheels. As a bonus, the Royal Baby Jenny Girl’s bike features an enclosed bike chain so it makes it extra safe for your little lady.


We have focused on the best bikes for girls. However, what is about your Tween girls? Older girls may be more adventurous, and will likely be riding much further than little will. Try looking into bicycles, which features gear shifters. The Mongoose Girl’s Maxim Full Suspension Bike features a twenty-one-speed gear shifter.

A gear shifter is great for longer, more difficult rides because it can change the amount of effort the rider needs to use. A lower gear makes getting up a hill much easier, for instance.​


As discussed briefly already, there are different size frames of the best bikes for girls. You will want to make sure you get the perfect girl bike sizes. If your young lady is around five feet tall, you will want to look for a bicycle that properly fits her size. The seat of the best bikes for girls should come to the top of the inseam so she can be sitting or at least standing, with her weight resting on her feet on the ground.

This is especially important in the event of an accident. It helps to prevent more serious injury if she can quickly get her feet back on the ground should anything go wrong. The best chart for sizing options is the Amazon Bike Buyer’s Guide. It will even help you to break down the sizing for young children, as young as two years of age.

Features of the Best Bikes for Girls for Different Ages

Ages 2-7

Safety features should always be top priority, but especially for little children who may not understand how to keep themselves safe yet. For your tiny tots, look for girls bikes with training wheels and safety guards on the drive train mechanism (the bike chain). As most children’s toy warnings state (and some products, like weight machines for adults!) like to say, “Moving parts may cause injury.”

In addition, this should be understood, but make sure that the best bikes for girls have good brakes! You can also look for non-essential, fun options, such as handlebar tassels or streamers or even baskets! This is true if you have a young girl who likes to carry extra toys or books with her.

She would be a fun way to encourage her to learn to look after her things and teach her how to carry them safely in a basket while riding the best bikes for girls.

Ages 5-9

Now it is time to free from training wheels! Typically, within this age a range, the children have moved beyond the need for training wheels. They will want to be a little more ‘grown up’, and a little less ‘cutesy’. Therefore, you will want to look for a transition bicycle for your young rider.

You should think about something with a few gear options and handlebar brakes instead of just backpedaling brakes. Such a style is also an upgrade for the girl wanting “something more ‘grown up’.

The best bikes for girls with just a couple of gear options are good for slightly longer distance rides and often these style of bikes will also have some sort of shock absorption system as well, which will help your little adventurer go farther in comfort and safety.

Ages 8-12

A few features you will want to consider for your Tween riders would definitely be handlebar brakes, a good seat cushion, a multi-gear shift, and a good shock absorption system. Your older children will be more adventurous and want to ride further and probably off trail as well.

A good multi-gear shifting system will be perfect for helping them adventure as various settings help them get up and down hills more efficiently. A good seat cushion and shock absorption system are great too in helping to do more on off-trail adventures. Handlebar brakes are a great option because the best bikes for girls allow pedals to go forward and backward without stopping the cycle.

Traditional back-pedal style-braking girls bikes do not allow you to coast, and sometimes are a little dangerous because often, even if you stop pedaling, the pedals will continue to move rapidly. That can make it difficult if you are going especially fast, such as downhill, to get your feet to stay on the pedals, let alone actually use your brakes.

Top Five Recommended Bikes for Girls Under 18

Royal Baby Jenny Girl’s Bike (Ages 3-7)

Royal Baby Jenny

Editor Rating:

The Royal Baby Jenny Girl’s bike is a fantastic choice for your little rider. These are the best bikes for girls when your daughter is at the age of princesses and everything pink and precious.

It prominently features an adorable pink wicker basket for your little one to carry all of her toys in. It also features ribbon tassels on the handlebars.

​Pros of the Royal Baby Jenny Girl’s Bike​

This bike is extra safe!


  • he bike chain is completely enclosed by a hard plastic guard. This will help to keep little fingers and other extremities (or even clothing!) from being caught in the bike chain.
  • A handlebar brake and a back pedal coasting brake make doubly certain that little riders can stop safely.
  • A saddle with low back support helps to keep your young lady safely and securely in place as she rides.
  • A pink wicker basket allows the rider to carry any extra toys or books with her wherever she goes.
  • The seat features a quick release for easy adjusting; no screwdrivers or wrenches necessary!
  • This bike also comes with a bell, necessary assembly tools, as well as heavy-duty training wheels.

Cons of the Royal Baby Jenny Girl’s Bike


  • Some users rated the pedaling mechanism as stiff, making it difficult for small children to pedal easily, or even at all.

Hello Kitty Girl’s Bike (Age 5-8)

Hello Kitty Girl’s Bike

Editor Rating:

This is another great option for your little lady. This is for the slightly older child, intended for ages 5-8 or so. It comes in a starting size frame of 18 inches. The best bikes for girls are perfect for those still learning to ride.

It also comes with removable training wheels. The bike chain on this bike only features a half guard though, so it is better for older riders who are more conscious of safety hazards.

Pros of the Hello Kitty Girl’s Bike


  • Perfect for your extra girly adventurer
  • Perfect for your extra girly adventurer
  • Assembly is extremely easy upon arrival.
  • A handlebar bag featuring Hello Kitty is perfect for your young lady to carry all her favorite things while riding.
  • Everything on this bike is Hello Kitty. “Hello Kitty tire tread, to the graphics on the seat, handlebars, etc… The Hello Kitty graphics are endless on this thing.”

Cons of the Hello Kitty Girl’s Bike


  • This bike is cheaply made.
  • Multiple users complained that the bike’s tire frames arrived bent or damaged.
  • There are also frequent complaints of poor packaging and missing parts.
  • Does not come with a kickstan
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