Best Bikes for Women: Stats and Facts on how to Pick Right One?

For the leisure, I would like to do things, which gives me pleasure and refresh my mind. Like me, you may also think about the place while having fun.

Bicycling can be a great way to pass the time with fun and without any harm to the site. It can also be the best way to run errands or commute to work. You can find many data on the women bicyclist on hand with a little effort.

Without further ado, Lets have a look what we have on our top list?​

Top 5 Recommended Bicycle for Women​


Product Name


Frame Material




47.15 pounds




46 pounds




49.6 pounds



Huffy Deluxe

48.5 pounds




44.6 pounds


Of course, you can find many useful facts on the best bikes for women. And if you are new in cycling then you must take a peek at this 7 Tips Every Women Cyclist Should Know!

Regardless your goal, you may find many choices in hand. The issue is that can you find plenty of data for the best bikes?

Whether you are looking for a motorcycle for own or some other, you should do your study first.

As you are passing time here, I guess that you have an interest in women’s bike. You may get one for you or someone else. You are in the ideal place right now.

As I am trying to help you in getting the best bikes for you, I am conscious of your needs. This article will allow you to figure out the best bicycle for the beginner as much as possible. The best women bikes meet the body scope of leg length about chest length.

Now, people talk a lot about women bikes, As many of the bikes build for men, women find trouble in riding. The good news is that the trends are changing, and it is on the upwards node.

With the women, I am also going on, and this best bike for women is a sign for that. I tried to cover as many details as viable in this entire guide. I hope that you will find it helpful.

What makes a bicycle Best especially for the women?

You may guess. It is not easy to choose the best bikes, especially of you, are jus a beginner.

Therefore, you need to spend much time so that you get data to fix on what to go for and what to ignore. This complete guide will help you search for the best one that fits all of your needs.

First, you should figure out what type of riding you will be doing with yours bicycle. It will thin your option to one of the basic styles. If you are an eager cyclist, definitely may wish a usual road bike.

Are you looking for a relaxed ride on even, tiled roads? A comfort bicycle may be more to someone’s love. If you have to hike a long distance regularly, then a mountain bike may be the top choice.Alas, you will have to give extra, but you will more prone to be pleased.

The bikes from shop might not fit your body properly. If you do not like the pedal or saddle on a brand, some bike store will switch gears at tiny or free of cost.

Before you buy a two-wheeler, ride on it for a long distant to be sure that the brake pedal and shiftier are simple to use. The fit is natural; the gears can set off much lower for hiking, and the body and shock absorbed passably soft the bumps.

Cheap bikes at a reasonable price of $200 have the best sale in the store. It may look like a good deal but check the data before buying it.

The price is too good to be true. However, I will confer on few spots that you should be aware of when thinking to find a bicycle for you.

Keep in mind; these are not the only ones on hand. There are other options too, and you will have to decide at the end of the day that which one will suit you the most. I am talking about the most vital point here in this segment.


To get the best riding experience, the bike size is very important. You have to concentrate enough on the bike size before buying the best bike for women.

Bicycle manufacturers have worked enough on this. With focusing on bike type and body height, they have drawn a conclusion. I collect after long web research on the manufacturer web sites. You can enjoy reading this in my article Women Bike Size: How can you select the Right Size?

Surely, this will help you to decide the right bike size. No matter what is your height, you will definitely get the solution in the chart on best bike size.

Test Ride:

Be sure that you are taking a test ride before settling the purchase.Most companies will offer you a test ride and even if you have to pay early, make sure that you pay the fee only after the trial trip.

There are many things that you will not realize the reviews and ratings. The bike is private, and you will only be able to find out whether you like it or not if you use it on your own.

In fact, you can buy the best bikes from online which is extremely safe. If you do that, make sure that you are doing a few test rides instantly once you receive the bike.


You do not want to buy a new bike every single month. Hence, you have to be in no doubt that you buy the best. It is better to take time because it is crucial to make things right on the first go.

How can you be sure that the bike is long-lasting or not?

Firstly, you have to take a detailed look at the structure matter of your bike. It should be steel or something better, which you know will last for a long time.

Do not go for a women bicycle that has a high amount of plastic in it. At the same time, do not go for something hefty about the structure matter as that will be tough to run as a woman.


Pay attention the comfort and do not ignore this. At times, I get so many features and other details that I may forget the fact that the essential thing about a bike is the ease. 7 Ways to make Your Riding More Comfortable

Moreover, women need more comfort than men do, and in all set-up, you should always consider this fact.

Recommended Parts & Gears:

It is important that you know about a few parts before taking that bike.The facts about these essential parts will help you in deciding the best doable bike.

I am talking about parts that I will discuss in this section reflect that stance for sure.


The body is the vital part of a bike, undoubtedly. It is easy to say but tricky to apply when time comes. Think about it for a second.

Which part of your bike is most vulnerable? If you are honest with yourself, then you already know the answer, which is the part.

There are women bikes with a steel body, and there are bikes too with a plastic body. Do not think that you can easily decide one between these two types with your common sense.

By the way, I am just giving a model here, as there are at least ten other structure matters that the makers use to build the body part of their bikes.

The body is the only part that signifies the real prospect of your bike. You can change anything you want in your bike except the body.

As a result, you should always give it an extra care while choosing.


The next vital thing on a bicycle is the tire. Though it may sound known, tires have a serious role to play on the bike, and no bike can be one of the best bikes without the best tires. How To Choose Right Bike Tube

There are two basic types of tires around, and each has their benefits and usage.For example, the tubeless tires are costly, but they make sure that you do not have to fill the air inside the tubes. It also protects you from the leak, which is a plus.

That is why most women try to go for these types. You can also go for the regular one if you feel like which is air based. I advise that you go for this particular type if you have the budget as it saves you from a lot of mess.

Other Important Gears:

Apart from these parts, you will also need some other kits. Keep in mind that gears are not elective.

Whenever you are buying that bike, make sure that you also get a set of gloves and one helmet, which will save your life on many times. These things seem unimportant, but they are not!

Keep faith on us. You will always be alive for thanking me from time to time.

Recommended Bicycle for Women​

Now, I am in the most vital segment that you were waiting.

In this article, I will cover some of the best bikes for women whom I think are suitable enough to suit you.

I did my study but may you will not like all the results, and I realize the fact.

If you like even one of these, then you are high to go. If you do not like any of these, take your time and think about what you need. It is much feasible that you have a particular desire, and there is nothing wrong in that at all. There is one more thing that I want to tell you before going into the review.

However, I did not rank these five bike reviews in any precise order. All five of these are good enough to go for, and you will be satisfied with all of their performance if you choose them.

Please do not think about a low rank while reading the reviews. So, start with the following.

Sixthreezero Women’s 26” Beach Bike


The first time when you will see this Sixthreezero Women’s 26-inch beach cruiser, there is a high chance that you will feel nothing. It looks simple, and there is almost no extraordinary feature that comes out and takes your attention right away.

So, if you are someone who does not love to have a fancy looking bike and want something that looks simple and classy, you should target this one.

Do not get me wrong by any means. I am saying that the outlook of this bike is simple and not the features. A good bicycle gives you those ancient appear and feels that the bike is simple, and this is one of the best choice.

The Sixthreezero Women’s 26-inch Beach Cruiser bicycle is everything that you wanted in a straightforward and elegant way.

It is the reason that why women of almost all ages love to ride on this bike. The company has targeted all sorts of age groups while creating this bike and it looks like they were successful in making sure that everyone loves it.


The feature section is going to be interesting as this bike has a few unique and quality features to talk:

  • Women’s 26”, 3-speed bike
  • 17” cruiser steel body with a bumper.
  • Smooth shady blue with dotted paint with blue fusion rims.
  • Shimano inner 3-speed core with Nexus shift.
  • Brown mild seat with blue cover and same grip.


There are many pros to talk about when we are dealing with the Sixthreezero bike. I will not be covering all of them but a good amount of them.

  • Lots of color options are something that you will love
  • You can select one bike from three different speed settings
  • The bike comes with buckets, extra comfortable rubber based paddle, and grips


This is important that you know about the cons too so here it goes:

  • The bike is costlier than most other ones out there around us
  • The brake is ordinary compared to some other brands

Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike


The first one in our list is the Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike. Being a hybrid bike has its benefits.

This vehicle is a 700C wheel model, and if you do not know about wheels, you should realize that this is a good one. The Schwinn has always been promising about their bikes.

Firstly, the brand started with general bikes but swiftly moved to create hybrid ones. The lead of hybrid bikes is that you will be able to use this women bicycle as a daily biking.

Therefore, the bike is very smooth, and that helps while you are doing commuting. When you are biking for the weight loss or health issues, you want to make sure that you can burn as many calories as possible.

Now again think about the time when you go to work. Do you think about weight loss at that point? The answer is negative.You think about going there with a fresh body, and the hybrid nature of this bike makes that happen.


There are a few interesting points to talk about when it comes to the Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike. Let me have a look at some of those vital points in this segment of the article.

  • TX-31 moving gears in the rear.
  • ProMax direct pull brake to stop.
  • Padded seat for a console.
  • Schwinn delay fork for the best retort.
  • Buffer and back bicycle carrier.
  • Schwinn fusion handle set.
  • Clear back flexible handle.
  • Bike silo.
  • Starlet Helmet.
  • U-Lock with travel bends the edge.
  • Ring Bell
  • Kid hauler.
  • Bike Pump.
  • Rope basket.
  • LED Headlight.


Though I almost covered many good things in the feature section, there are a few things that also hidden until now.

Let me list those facts in this section.

  • Brake that will last long
  • Fast speed
  • Alloy pull system’ makes sure that you do not see the cords


Now let me have a quick look at the cons too as cons are as important as an even more important in some cases as the pros.

  • No color options, which are bad. You have to stick to the only white model

Firmstrong Bella Beach Cruiser Bicycle


Firmstrogn was not a famous name for the bike before launching the Bella. Bella Beach Cruiser is a promising one and has been a huge hit from the day of release.

In fact, there are only a few models around the world, which has been able to sell the first lot within two months of the launch.

However, the bikes are a tough one to get as a buyer as the company only produces this in batches. In fact, this is a small brand producing such excellent bikes came with the profit too. As this is a small brand until now, they take the best care about all issues come from each customer review.

Therefore, they care about and listen to the clients, which are rear from giants. That is what makes them different from the rest.


Now I am running through the features. The Bella is full of features to suit, and I am going to present the most of those in this section.

Let me have a look at some of those vital points in this segment of the article.

  • 17” total span Steel Body.
  • 26” dyed Aluminum Wheel
  • Front or rear bumpers.
  • Great fun is riding a bike for tall women.
  • 2” complete edge creates more gaps between cyclist and handle.
  • Wide peak Tube Design and Dyed Rims.
  • Twin Spring jumbo seat for extra Comfort.
  • 2.125” full-size white dyed tire offer a smooth ride.
  • 28.5” thick Bike Handle with fake pelt Black grip.
  • Total mass 43 lbs.
  • Fit mainly 5’ – 6’ Tall.
  • Advised cycling pace 3 – 15 mph.
  • Considered solo tour 0 – 40 miles.


There are many facts to esteem about this bike. Apparently, I will coat only some of them. Put your eye on these points.

  • Lots of colors options.
  • A very big wheel width.
  • Based on leg size, a full range on hand.


Now let us have a quick look at the cons too as cons are as vital more an even more crucial in some cases than the pros. The cons are the ones that help you to take that final decision.

Thus, make sure that you are having a proper look at the cons:

  • he wheels are big for newbie users.
  • The 26 speed is something that you do not always need.

Huffy Women’s Deluxe Cruiser Bike


Huffy is one of those names that came around as a new women bicycle brand and wiped out the competitions like nothing. Being a new brand in a competitive industry is tough.

They had to go through many difficulties, but there are advantages too as a new brand.

When you are new in the market, you already know what customers want and what are missing. The Huffy used this technique and introduced a bike like Deluxe Cruiser, which is something that has everything for the most number of women. It did not take much time for this brand to reach at the top with their quality items.

The reason that most people have loved this Deluxe Cruiser bike is simple. It has something for everyone and therefore, many find it comfortable to go for this bike. If you are one of those, who is looking for something very specific, then you will not like this brand or this particular bike.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a general solution to go for which covers most needs of your life regarding bikes then you will fall in love with this one.


Let me have a quick look at the features that this bike has stored for you. The features are impressive, and there is a high chance that you will go for this bike because of the features.

  • The first feature is the big 26-inch body. It is a body, but it prefers those who are already familiar with riding experiences. If you are completely new to bikes, then this might be problematic for you.
  • The bike comes with a great saddle, which is a remarkable advantage.
  • The bike also comes with a set of grips along with comfortable paddles. The soft paddles make sure that you can use this bike either while wearing boots or even barefooted.
  • The bike is for heavy-duty performances. Do you need to go ahead and finish many tasks in a short period? Do you have many people in your home that will be using the same bike? If these are the cases, then this bike is the perfect solution for you as it can take loads of a horse.


Let me have a quick look at the pros of this product in this section of the review. There are many pros, but I tried to make things easier for you by covering the most important ones:

  • Great comfortable paddle, which will help your feet to be safe
  • Good speed
  • The bike is noiseless
  • The body color is good enough to protect it from dents


Now let me have a view on the cons that this bike might generate. Cons are the reasons that most people scare to have own bikes.

  • Not enough color options to choose from
  • The bike is not for the beginners

Northwoods Springdate Women’s 21 Speed Hybrid Bicycle

Northwoods-Springdate-Women’s-21-Speed-Hybrid-Bicycle-New-750x354 (1)

If you are looking for an awesome solution for your biking needs that comes at a good price and meets most of your requirements, will you go for that bike?

Well, keep reading because there is a high chance that you are going to receive the bike that you always wanted to have in this review.

Do not get me wrong. I am not trying to take your hype to the next level. I am working to write an engaging introduction for a new bike, which many women love and think that it can make their bike, needs go away.

What are the things that make them go nuts? Well, please keep reading. The brand Northwoods were always famous regarding producing bikes. Initially, the company did not offer bicycle for women. They only focused on regular men bikes. However, the revolutionary women bikes came next, and this was one of the brands that joined the party.

One good reason that a lot loves this bike is the price range. It is tough to get a bike that good in a price range, which is comfortable for most people.

It is where this bike has been successful.


The features of this bike are not amazing in general, but if you compare them with the price that you are paying for this bike, the features will keep you interested.

  • The ability to do multi-tasking is something that this bike promotes. It’s not a bike designed for you to win a bike race but you can compete in a race with this bike. At the same time, you can go to your shopping or a market riding this bike.
  • The the body has an aluminum frame, and it is light as a feather. The lightness has some unique benefits. It will help you to ride fast, and it will assist you in to ride without putting too much effort.
  • The the speed of this bike is 21 and the gearbox that the bicycle uses from Shimano, which is a third party gearbox maker from Japan. You will be satisfied with the speed and the gear settings. There are three gears on the front and seven on the back wheel that makes it 21 speeds at best.


Though the features covered a few pros, I want to tell you the summary in this section, which will help you to decide whether to go for this bike or not

  • Great as a general bike, that solves all purposes
  • 700C wheels
  • Super lightweight body
  • It comes with an extra rear rack and fenders


Now let me have a quick look at the cons too because no matter if this product has a hundred pros, sometimes one con can change everything.

  • You will not get any color option while buying
  • The alloy rim is a dent attractor.

Final Verdict

I often get some common queries. Why is it crucial to read so much about the best bikes for women? Why do not I go for one? Do you have that same question in mind? Well, if you have that query, it is the right time to adjust yourself. Think about it. You will never buy one new bike every single month or even years.

If you are buying it for yourself, invest a few times on a day and make sure that you are getting the best bike. It is not only because of the money that you will spend. There are other reasons too.

However, you want to make sure that the bikes you get will have super comfort, and you want to show it off to your group. If you invest a few times today, it will make sure that you have all those profits in your bag. It is also very important to detect the right size of your bike for the ultimate comfort.

Hence, I advise that you study enough before going for the final choice. Keep in mind; a women bicycle will only be the best bike for women if it meets your needs. Though I make a general content about women’s bicycle, the fact is each woman needs the unique result.

So, if you are looking for the best bike for women don’t waste time to take a right decision. You will end up being a winner.

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