Bike Ride in Rain: An Amazing Riding Experience

Do you know that bike ride in the rain is always amazing? Hardcore rider like me, climate does not make any difficulty rather than giving some excitement.

However, if you are a bike-riding beginner, you have to know something more about the climate while riding. This is especially true while you go for a bike ride in the rain.

Actually, the monsoon begins from late May and lasts up to July depending on the area you are living.​

Nevertheless, people should go outside for their regular works.Therefore, using some common sense you can enjoy the bike ride in the rain while doing your regular task.​

​Even you can have your daily exercise done through a bike ride in the rain like the other times of the year. You can use the Best Bikes for Women to serve this purpose.

Winners never give up. Whether it is rainy or cold winter, they keep paddling in their favorite bikes for women. However, the bike ride in rain demands few extra preparations for all riders, which include waterproof cycling jacket and other cycling rain, gear.​

​I assume that like me you also do not want to stop for the rain only. That is why I have come to you with my vast experience and web research to help you to bike ride in the rain.

Clothing to Bike Ride in Rain.​

There is nothing to hide that you have to wear some special dresses to bike ride in the rain. Not surprisingly, I know that after hearing this you guess about cycling rain jacket in mind. Exactly, you are awesome.​

An essential task for biking in the rain is to keep your body dry and warm. With the fall of temperature, you have to ensure that your body is dry and warm. This is due to protect yourself from hypothermia.​

You should have to maintain the following dress code for enjoying the bike ride in rain –​

You have to use undergarments made of wool or synthetic fiber to keep you warm. Avoid cotton made undergarments for your comfort as sweating causes stickiness in cotton.​

Especially, designed dry fit wear is now available in market at a cheap rate. It is always better to use long sleeve clothes.​

Then you need waterproof gloves for keep you hand warm and nice gripping. This will help you to use gears and shift them properly.​

 Best Waterproof Gloves to Make Your Choice Easy:​

Again, you have to wear another outfit made of wool or synthetic fiber, which will keep you dry and warm from your sweat and give a comfortable feel.

Now you have to wear the waterproof cycling jacket. This cycling rain jacket will protect you from the rainwater. I personally hate wearing waterproof cycling jacket that has a hood. It seems the hood makes me dump and it limits my vision.​

Best Waterproof Cycling Jacket to Make Your Choice Easy:

It is also important to choose the color of the cycling rain jacket. As I am talking about the bike ride in the rain, I always prefer to wear one from bright contrast and avoid dim ones. Actually, this is for my visibility to the others.

I always wear a waterproof cover over the best bikes helmet cap for protecting my hair from the rain.

Use synthetic fiber or wool made socks. Again, you have to avoid the cotton for comfort.​

Best Waterproof Socks to Make Your Choice Easy:

If you want to enjoy the ride in heavy rainfall, it is better to wear a waterproof trouser, which will give you an ultimate protection from rain and give you a warm and dry condition.

Finally, I prefer to use rain boot or waterproof shoe covers for the complete safety of the water and enjoy the riding.

Essential Kits for Bike Ride in Rain

Like clothing, you have to ensure few essential kits for the bike ride in the rain. Mainly, these kits are for your safety. As there is some risk in biking in the dam weather, we have to check the availability before going to ride the terrain.

I strongly recommend arranging sufficient light and reflector in your bike while riding in the rain. It is also helpful for usual day evening riding. This is helpful for you to see others and show yourself.​

You have to use fender because riding the bike in the rain without fender may cause difficulty to others. Fender restricts the water spreading from the road stag. It also protects your clothes from getting dirty.​

You need something for better visibility of the road. Like me, you may like to wear sunglass while riding but it makes the road tough to see as it cut a great amount of light. Thus, it is better to put a lens or anti-fog glass while biking in the rain.​

It is better to carry a toolbox, which will contain some easy repair kits. Often, it becomes harder to pull the bike in the rain to a shop for repair.​

You may also take a towel and few emergency breathing inhaler and emergency medicine with you (off course if your doctor recommends). The towel will help you to get an instant dry feeling. The inhaler may reset your breathing problem and medicine will help to protect you from common cold and flu.​

You need a strong chain cover for the chain and need to carry a good lubricant.​

Prepare Your Bike for riding in Rain

For this reason, you do not have to work much harder. You can use your regular bike with a bit modification.​

I prefer to use LED light and reflector for my visibility it the heavy rain or dark cloudy weather. It cost a little for me to by LED light and reflector.​

I would like to use three to four LED light on my bike. The positions would be at the front, two side of the handlebar and the rear fender or seat stand. I prefer rechargeable LED light for this purpose and those have a clip like attachment system with them for easy setup.​

I also use tape type reflector for my bike and will attach below the front and back positions only.​

I know that it is not wise for riding in the rain without fenders. Therefore, I will attach the fenders if my bike has not them in place.​

Essential Safety Rules for Bike Ride in Rain​

Do you want to enjoy your freedom while biking in the rain? If you answer is of course I am! Then you have no way but follow the essential safety rules for the bike ride in the rain. I am suggesting those from my personal experience –​

If you love hard braking and familiar with doing this, there is no way than changing your behavior. This will keep you safe, as the brake is not working properly in rain. Therefore, you have to slow down your bike before braking.​

You have to careful about the road status. This includes the metallic conditions, roadway surface, road dumping, bike lane marking etc. This is because the roads become slippery while get wet and you have to more careful.​

I recommend riding in a straight terrain rather using turns. As the road become slippery, improper turning may cause serious injury to you.​

As it becomes muddy and dangerous to control the bike, I prefer avoiding the pond or lake area as much as I can.​

Enjoying needs more effort. You have to clean your bike after riding in the rain. Take a cloth and blow a simple mop over the chain, frame, and other parts. Water can make rust on your bike metal. If you are not cycling in the rain without fenders, wash the fender if you ride in a muddy terrain.​

If you are biking in a group, remember that riding in the rain without fender may damage your eye as the stag water may come inside.​

After all, this, apply a little amount of lubricant on chain, back and front mech. However, it is not necessary for every time you go for biking.​

I always check brake and gears each time before going outside with this darling bike.​

Additional Care for Yourself​

Extra care needs for extraordinary entertainment! For taking a good care of yourself, you need to know your habit, especially food. You have to follow the rules of Cycling Nutrition Tips for women. Good food habits make you fit for doing anything in life. Therefore, what is the big deal like the bike ride in the rain?​

You can also take herbal therapy like using mustard oil and garlic topically after rain riding to keep you warm and fit. This may also protect you from common cold and flu.​

Final Verdict​

Are you confident? So, why are you delaying? Try to remember the above rules, precautions and workouts to get the tremendous entertainment through bike ride in the rain from this season.​

This monsoon will bring a lot of fabulous experience for you.​

Again, do not forget that riding the bike in the rain without fender may be dangerous for you.​

In addition, remember about​

  • Proper clothing for rain biking​
  • Prepare your bike to ride in rain
  • Keep some essential tools while riding in wet weather.
  • Avoid pond or lakeside while riding in monsoon.
  • Clean your bike to a lesser extent after the bike ride in the rain.
  • Use a little bit of lube after cleaning.
  • Keep a tight look on your food habit.
  • I wish luck for your bike ride in the rain. Again, enjoy your riding and have fun! Moreover, do not hesitate to contact me, as I am here for you.
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