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Cairns personal services

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The assets may be tangible, as in the case of real estate and equipment, or intangible, as in the case with patents and trademarks. Units engaged in providing these services apply common processes where labour inputs are integral to the production or service delivery. Units in this division specialise and sell their expertise. In most cases, equipment and materials are not major inputs.

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Sep 8, — Higher Risk Personal Appearance Services, such as tattooing and body piercing, operated from fixed, mobile or home-based premises require. We have been able to develop a large of services and understand the importance of discretion, security and service that is required for excellent customer service.

Government units producing 'private sector like' goods and services are classified to the same industry as private sector units engaged in similar activities. As a family owned and operated business, we are dedicated to providing hands-on and personal service to our customers.

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Units engaged in service these services apply common processes personal labour inputs are integral to the cairn or service delivery. Our services. Excluded are units mainly engaged servlces providing health care and social assistance services, which are included in Division Q Health Care and Social Assistance. Discover Cairns Health and Beauty Services > Personal Services from 3 listings. My Cairns Concierge provides personal, local persinal to individuals and businesses travelling to Far North Queensland.

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Private sector units engaged in public administration or military defence are classified to the Public Administration and Safety Division. The activities undertaken generally require a high level of expertise and training and formal usually tertiary level qualifications.

Government ownership is not a criterion for classification to this industry division. Recent trends have moved more towards the outsourcing of such non-core activities.

These services include scientific research, architecture, engineering, computer systems de, law, ancy, advertising, market research, management and other consultancy, veterinary science and professional photography. The assets may be tangible, as in the case of real estate and equipment, or intangible, as in the case with patents and trademarks.

The units classified in this division specialise in one or more of these activities and can, therefore, provide services to a variety of clients. Our continued development has come from our desire to provide personalised service.

Central, State or Local Government legislative, executive and judicial activities include the setting of policy; the oversight of government programs; collecting revenue to fund government programs; creating statute laws and by-laws; creating case law through the judicial processes of civil, criminal and other courts; and distributing public funds. The provision of physical, social, economic and general public safety and security services, and enforcing regulations, includes units that provide police services; investigation and security services; fire protection servixes personal emergency services; correctional and detention services; regulatory services; border control; persona, other public order and safety services.

Units providing other types cajrns support services are mainly engaged in cairns such as building and other cleaning services; pest control services; gardening services; and packaging products for others.

Also included are units of military defence, government representation and international government organisations. In most cases, equipment and materials are not major inputs. Units that engage in a combination of public administration and service delivery activities are to be classified to this division.

Units providing administrative support services are mainly engaged in activities such as office administration; hiring and placing personnel for others; preparing documents; taking orders for clients by telephone; providing credit reporting or collecting services; and arranging travel and travel tours. The activities undertaken by units in this division are often integral parts of the cairns of services found in all sectors of the economy. Public Administration and Safety includes the personal groups and sub-: Public Administration.

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Find Business & Services in Your Local Area. Units in this division specialise and sell their expertise. We are onforwarders for a range of transport companies with destinations throughout Australia.