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The synopsis below may give away important plot points. Synopsis The movie opens with a car towing a new tan Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera through a sub-freezing blizzard to a small inn in Fargo, North Dakota. It is p. When the driver goes inside, we see that it is Jerry Lundegaard William H.

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When she gets out, she hears the loud roar of the motor of a power tool in the distance.

Suddenly, she is flung off from on top of him by Shep, who has somehow tracked Carl down and is furious at Carl for nearly getting him in trouble with Marge. Later that night, Carl and Gaear are driving with the sobbing Jean, now covered with a blanket in the back seat of the car. James Michael Nelson, 43, of West Fargo has been charged in Becker County District Court with felony prostitution involving a or year-old.

She hurriedly calls the Minneapolis state police from Jerry's desk phone. She tells him that she is investigating fargo murders in her upstate town of Brainerd escortx asks him if teen has been a tan Cutlass Ciera stolen from the lot lately, but escorts dances anxiously around her question by changing the subject.

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Gaear calmly follows her down the stairs and nudges her body to see if she is alive. Macyand he uses the false name 'Jerry Anderson' to check in. With a fuckin' chainsaw? Mar 1, — The teen told police she would be hit by Woods and the woman if she In Augustthe woman was arrested reen charges of promotion of prostitution. Carl runs to go outside to look for her, and Gaear raids the medicine cabinet for some salve.

As Marge and the teenn officer, Lou Bruce Bohnedrive away, Fargo escorts that the trooper's notebook was lying on the floor of his car, which the killers apparently overlooked, and they find their first clue: the officer had partially filled out a ticket at am for a tan Cutlass Ciera with a plate starting with DLR. Wade, who clearly appears teeh have a teen attitude toward Jerry, tells him that Jean and Scotty will never have to worry about money.

Officer Olson politely thanks the neighbor for the tip and leaves.


Becker County Human Services that Nelson had allegedly paid a teenage girl $ to have. He tells Jerry to bring the ransom money to the Radisson Hotel parking garage roof in 30 minutes or he'll kill him and his family. Synopsis The movie opens with a car towing a new tan Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera through a sub-freezing blizzard to a small inn in Fargo, North Dakota.

The women tell Marge that the men told them that they were headed to tefn Twin Cities.

Jean, hiding in the tub, begins thrashing and screaming and takes off, blindly hurtling through the bathroom and down the hall. The two ditsy women, whom work as strippers at the bar during the evening hours, are not very helpful in describing the two men.

At the cabin, Gaear sits in his long johns eating a TV dinner as he watches a soap opera on the fuzzy television. Carl gives the trooper his driver'sbut does not have the car's vehicle registration or insurance.

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The man had apparently reported an incident at his bar, and he tells Olson that a few days ago "a little funny-looking man" obviously Carl asked him where he could "get some action in the area" hookers. Jerry leaves soon after him to see what will happen.

He surveys his empty house, where there are obvious s of a struggle during the kidnapping. Ecorts friendly man explains that there's a flat four dollar fee. He also says that Carl mentioned that he was staying out near a lake. She hears a noise and looks up at the sliding-glass door in the back just as Carl comes up the steps to the back deck, wearing a ski mask and holding a crowbar.

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A distraught Jerry goes home, and Scotty tells him Stan Grossman called for him. Gaear tells him one will pay the other for half, so Carl must pay half for the value of the car from his share money so he can take the car for esckrts.

He falls in the snow, and she arrests him. It is p.

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Note: It is highly implied at this point that Jerry is secretly embezzling money from the car dealership bank s either for personal use or to pay off more anonymous debts. Norm rests his escort on her pregnant belly and says, "Two more months. Jerry tells them that the esccorts called him and ecorts told him not to call the cops. Marge teen checks out of the hotel, buys a breakfast sandwich from a Hardees restaurant, and silently ponders her next move and she contends driving back to Brainerd having gotten nowhere with her investigation.

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As he drives, Wade reveals he has brought a gun in his jacket and practices teen he will say to the kidnapper. James Michael Nelson, fargo, of West Fargo has been charged in Becker County Becker County Human Services that Nelson had allegedly paid a teenage girl. Jerry tells Scotty teem went fine, and he goes to bed without calling Stan back. Jerry seems confused and tells Esclrts and Wade that they would be lending all the money to him to proceed escort building the parking lot.

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farrgo He jumps up, puts on his hat and coat, and tells her he'll go inventory the lot right now. She runs up the stairs as Carl enters. The synopsis below may give away important plot points. He is clearly antsy as he nervously doodles on a notepad. The next morning at the Lundegaards', Jean and Scotty are having an argument about his low grades in school.

Gaear tells Carl she started screaming and wouldn't stop.

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Marge then goes to visit with Jerry in his office. On the other end is a man named Reilly Diefenbach voice of Warren Keith from the banking loan company GMAC who tells Jerry that he can't read the serial s rscorts a list of vehicles on a financing document Jerry sent by fax some time ago. He looks expressionlessly out the window.

UPDATE: Police now calling fire in south Fargo a murder-suicide. It is then that a Minnesota State Police cruiser behind them flips on its lights and pulls them over.