How to Set-Up the Bike for Riding with Kid?

Bike Trailer for Kids: How to Set-Up the Bike for Riding with Kid

Do you love to ride your bike? Has the addition of children to your family left your bike gathering dust in the garage? This has happened to many mothers, but you do not have to wait to get back on your best bikes for women. One option you might consider is buying a bike trailer for kids.

In addition to trailers, there are many other options available to set up a bike trailer for kids. If you are a mother looking for a way to get back on your bike, this is the article for you. I am going to review the options available to transport children and other items such as groceries using only your bicycle.​

The main factors in selecting a bike trailer for kids or any other device are your child’s age, size, and weight. You must then consider if you want to be able to haul any other items in addition to your child or children. From traditional to wild, let us cover the options available to set up your bike for riding with kids.​

How to choose the best bike trailer for kids?​

So how do you select the best bike trailer for kids? It may come down to personal preference, but your kids often make the decision for you. First, you should consider your child’s age.

A bike trailer for kids may be perfectly appropriate for your child up to one year old, but after that, their neck is usually strong enough that they want to look around and enjoy the ride too! Age is always an important factor in deciding your bike set-up. Next, consider your child’s weight.

Every bicycle accessory for children has a recommended age and weight limit. All children are different, so you should consider buying a bike trailer for kids or seat with enough capacity for your child to grow. The last thing to consider is the number of kids you have.​

Many of us have more than one child, so we need to consider seating for two or even three children. It can be done, but the set-ups get extreme. It helps if at least one child is old enough to ride and pedal, but not necessary. Tandem bikes with bike trailer for kids and other options are available. Have an open mind, but always put the safety of your children first while selecting reading bike trailer for kids reviews.

Put a Bike Trailer on Your Bike

This bike trailer for kids is a popular option for moms with one or two small children. Many parents like that the children are low to the ground and in an enclosed environment with a bike trailer. It is also convenient to add any clothes or supplies that you may need to bring with you. Trailers are also a good way to haul groceries in addition to your child.

If you still need carrying capacity, you can add a basket to the front of your bike and/or wear a backpack. For children under one year old, this is pretty much the only good option that parents have, since their neck muscles still need time to develop. On the plus side, children usually feel very safe inside of a bike trailer, and tend to sleep rather well.​

Trailers are also very easy to use and extremely maneuverable. The drawbacks to bike trailers are that it can be difficult to hear your child if they need anything, and that some trailer models can be difficult to add or remove from your bike when necessary. Adding a bike trailer for kids is a great option for most parents with small children.

Child Seats

The next option to set up bike trailer for kids is to use child seats. Child seats can be used for children from one to three years old. There are two locations on your bike where you can mount a child seat. The first type of child seat mounts to the rear rack on your bike behind your seat.

These seats are typically capable of carrying children of up to 70 pounds. Your child will love the upright riding position that allows them to see everything you do. The second style of child seat mounts on the bike in front of you. Your child is riding position ends up between you and the handlebars, which locks them in.​

Front mounted child seats are usually for the smaller kids, and can handle on average a child up to 35 pounds. If you have two kids, you can have one in front and the other in the back! Child seats make it difficult to haul along any gear with you, but they work out great for short to medium length rides.​

The added weight of the children will change the handling characteristics of your bicycle, so be careful. Also, keep in mind that dismounting with a child seat behind you can be tricky if you do not have a step-through frame on your bike. Kids just love to ride in a bike mounted child seat.​

Tag-Along Bike

Tag-Along bikes are intended for kids older than four years old. In order to ride a Tag-Along bike, your child must be able to hold onto the handles and balance. It is also great if they can help you pedal. A Tag-Along bike is a bicycle that is missing the front wheel.

Instead, it has a long bar that attaches to your bike on the seat post. It has handlebars, pedals, a seat and a rear wheel. It acts similar to a bike trailer for kids, but your child has the ability to pedal if they wish. Tag-Along usually have a quick-connect feature that makes it easy to add to your bike or take it off.

Kids love the feeling that they are riding a bike without worrying that they may get into a crash. Make sure your child is wide-awake and aware when using a Tag-Along, because sleepyheads could get hurt.

Tandem Bikes

Okay, this option is new to most moms. It has called the Madsen Urban utility bicycle. The Madsen is really a pedal-powered pickup truck. It consists of a standard bicycle frame that is stretched out behind the seat with a huge cargo bucket behind the rider.

Inside the cargo bucket are two bench seats with four lap belts so four children can ride. The weight capacity of this bike is 600 pounds including the rider. This bike has nine gears to assist the rider in climbing hills. An optional front rack is available for even more cargo capacity, and you can buy a rain cover to keep the kids or your cargo dry.

The Madsen is a unique bicycle with a multitude of uses. Since this product is so unique, it comes at a premium price. Riding with this much weight on two wheels may take some getting used to, so I would practice riding this bike for a while before adding the children. Your children will love riding in this bike, and there is plenty of room for groceries or other supplies.

Final Verdict​

When it comes to setting up your best hybrid bike for carrying children, most parents start with a bike trailer for kids. However, as your kids grow there are several different options available to parents depending on their personal preferences.

Child seats are a great choice for the one to three-year olds, and after that, you can go to a Tag-Along bike, a tandem bike, or even a Madsen. When choosing an option to carry children on your bike, remember to keep in mind age, weight, and number of kids.

Before you begin shopping, always set a price limit and research customer reviews on products you are considering. There is no correct answer here, just remember that the option you choose should always be the one that keeps your children safe. Good luck and happy cycling!​

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