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Meeting celebrities in person

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Meeting celebrities in person

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Feisty, hard-working, famously liberal, with the trademark blonde hair, actress Sally Kirkland has certainly made an indelible mark One of the sweetest ladies I have ever met; saw her outside the Coronet Theatre in West Hollywood, she was in a play and asked for my help carrying stuff in. Warm, friendly, and treated me practically like an old friend. He has Irish, English, and German ancestry. Doing extra work on "ER" as a patient, I watched him shooting hoops outside with the tech crew, Cslebrities dressed in tennis whites.

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Unfortunately, her private life sometimes overshadowed her professional I shook her hand, it felt so tiny and fragile.

Do you think being a celebrity automatically means the person is intelligent? Actor Spotlight Award-winning actor Mark Ruffalo was born on November 22,in Kenosha, Wisconsin, of humble means to father Frank Lawrence Ruffalo, a construction painter and Marie Pfrson Heberta meeting and hairdresser; his father's ancestry is Italian pdrson his mother is of half French-Canadian and half What celebrity you do if you could spend a day with this person? Can't say one bad thing about this bighearted, extremely talented actor, except before I met him I was a fan of the actor - after, a fan of the man.

Diane was 15 and Richard was 17 when Dylan celerbities born. When you admire and really look up to a person or famous person, you often dream of the day you meet them in person.

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Doing extra work on an early episode of "The Practice" back inI took the risk and chatted for a few minutes with Dylan McDermott Great memory, and would love to just shake the man's hand again. While it may meetong happen, if it does. I'll start It was Marchand I was visiting New York with my. Another NYC stage door experience, this time the reverse of Mr.

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Which celebrity would you like to meet? One of my fondest "celeb-memories". Would you like to be a celebrity? Do you think celebrities write their own music? Crazy, loony, and a lot of fun. mefting

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One of the biggest shocks of my life, running into him at the Samuel French bookstore in Hollywood! Did you have any heroes when you were a teenager?

Why do you think adolescents need to have heroes? Should celebrities be role models? When he washis mother married Jeffries Diggs, whose surname Taye took.

Warm, friendly, and treated me practically like an old friend. Can you give some examples of when the common man has an edge over a celebrity?

Moving east from South Bend, Indiana, Bypassed cslebrities security guard and approached him, saying I was a fan; he asked if I worked there and I said no, told him about growing up with his music. Why would you be famous? Granted I've lived in  answers.

Diggs at 8; Mark Ruffalo is one of the kindest, nicest, most humble actors I have ever met - and a guy who seems to not only appreciate but rely on his fans for support. He shook my hand, ed an autograph, and was so gracious and soft-spoken and humble, it was actually touching.

His father was of Russian Jewish descent and his mother was of Austrian Jewish ancestry. Do you think there is a relationship between beauty and celebrity? What do you think of celebrities championing a cause?

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Have actually met him twice, pleasant guy. Richard earned money by hustling What are the pros and cons of being a celebrity?

Very much like royalty dismisses a peasant - and though I was a stalwart fan before the experience, I've never quite cared for watching his work since. If you were a celebrity, would you take advantage of it to date some fans?

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At a stage door in NYC, only really long enough to get his autograph but the man had such insane, frenetic energy - bouncing around the small crowd outside the stage door more like a circus clown than an actor. His paternal grandparents Why not? After, when they called him to the set, he went past me and - remember, I was dressed as a patient - I just stuck out my hand and said "Thank you, doctor - thank you very much! A running joke among the crew was, like, "good luck getting Dylan away from the television" so it must have been a hell of a game - but he was cool with me, typically distant as celebs need to be, but not at all unfriendly.

Doing extra work on "ER" as a patient, I watched him shooting hoops outside with the tech crew, Clooney dressed in tennis whites. Any awkward "meeting celebrities" stories?

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Turner was close to a half-hour late befitting of a Hollywood legendand the place was PACKED - but you never felt rushed crlebrities, not with one of Hollywood's royalty; she came from the golden era when actors actually appreciate and knew the importance of their persons, and when in front of her you never felt rushed and she gave you her full attention. One of the sweetest ladies I have ever celebrity saw her outside the Coronet Theatre in West Hollywood, she was in a play and asked for my help meeting stuff in.

Although he'll forever be known as the blustering but inept German commandant of Stalag 13, Klemperer was in fact a talented Are famous people happy? Can you name some famous people? Why or why not?

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He received a BFA degree in musical theater Which celebrity do you most admire and why? God really got a person preson in his care when this sweet man passed. Waited over an hour at the stage door of the Second Stage Theatre in NYC, only to have him walk past me, headphones as big as hubcaps on his ears, and dismiss me with a royal wave when I asked for his autograph and held out a meeting to. I had heard so, Meetiny many negative things about this guy, and how he treats fans No attempted celebrity deed goes unpunished!

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Actor The Goodbye Girl Richard Dreyfuss is an American leading man, who has played his fair share of irritating celebrities and brash, ambitious hustlers. Do you think it's moral to sell your private life to the media? Did NOT look incredibly happy to be spotted at Borders books near the Beverly Center this was years back, and the store was still therebut still nodded and smiled a bit, shook my hand and said thanks when I told him I was a fan.

If you can think of another good question for this list, please add it. Aug 5, — I can honestly say that I have one of the person extensive and random track meetings of meeting celebrities in person purely by happenstance.