Quick Bike Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Bike New

Riding on a bike that is clean is an essence for every rider. There might be few bike cleaning and maintenance garage near your house to clean your bike. You may visit there for your road bike maintenance.

However, do you know that cleaning your bike need only few minutes in a week? I am sharing the best bike cleaning tips for you that will help you to clean your bike properly.

The bike cleaning tips also help you to understand cleaning need of your bike. You also know about the best bike cleaning products.

The best bike cleaning tips also help to enhance the durability of your bike. You may need a lower cost for your mountain bike maintenance if you follow the bike cleaning tips.

Therefore, manage half an hour in each weekend for cleaning your bike that become dirty by your riding in different terrain. You need your road or mountain bike maintenance as you think the bike gear is not shifting properly and you are not enjoying the riding as before.

Most often, this is due to the dirt or mud which jam the gear shiftier. This is why you need to follow proper bike cleaning tips rather than your road bike maintenance.

For following these tips, you need to buy some bike cleaning products from the local shop, which will cost small than repeatedly cleaning from the garage.​

Bike Cleaning Products needed to follow Best bike cleaning tips

For following the bike cleaning tips, you need to buy a number of bike cleaning products. These are available in the market. I have prepared a list of bike cleaning product for you.

  • A bucket
  • Hot water (Little warm is preferable).
  • Tooth brush (Older one or you may use a new)
  • Tooth brush (Older one or you may use a new)
  • Soft razz or needle
  • A soft towel and sponge.
  • Scurfy clothes.
  • Degreaser
  • A pair of hand gloves (Not the costly one)

There are many ways to clean the bike. You can find them with some hours in the internet research. However, I am presenting the bike cleaning tips based on my experience and knowledge. This bike cleaning tips are effective for me and easier to perform.

All you need for this is the desire to take care of your bike. You can also make a checklist for this bike cleaning tips if you are a beginner.​

Clean the bike chain

Clean the bike chain

If you are biking for few days, then you must know about the gear jam of a bike. This is due to mud and dirt in the bike chain. This slow shifting can change the status of your favorite bike. Try the following steps of the bike cleaning tips for cleaning the bike chain –

  • Use a slightly wet cloth for this. Shift the gear in the lowest and put the paddle reverse through the cloth. If the chain is not too dirty or you are after some days, this could be enough.
  • If the previous step is not sufficient, use degreaser and allow sinking the chain in it for up to 5 minutes. Do not expect faster result like professional take the time. Rotate the chain to degrease appropriately.
  • Use a brush or wet clothes to remove the grease and dirt from the chain and links.
  • Lastly, use a soft razz to remove the degrease material and dry the chain.

Lastly, use a soft razz to remove the degrease material and dry the chain.

If you want to know about my preference about the bike degreaser, I will definitely recommend one of the following –

Rear cogwheel and mech



It is better to remove dirt from the cogwheel by scrubbing with a brush and hot water. Most often, it is enough for bike cleaning. However, it is not sufficient use small amount of degreaser.

If there is mud deeper in the cogwheel, use a long needle to dig it out from the wheel. You have to very careful about cleaning this area. Because, if you make a thorough cleaning here, you may need less effort next time.

Lastly, mop out the degrease material or dirt with a wet cloth. Try to remove all degrease material as this can make problem in gear shifting if left there.​

Rear Mech

Rear Mech

Now clean the rear mech with a towel to remove dirt lumps. After that, push out the dirt with needle. Be sure that both the side of the rear mech is free of dirt.

Finally, for additional safety, use only a little amount of degreaser and remove the dirt by using a brush.​

Front mech cleaning

Front mech cleaning

Use hot water and then drag with toothbrush to get rid of all dirt.

Finally, floss the front mech with a wet cloth so that it can remove dirt from different parts of the front mech.​

Gentle cleaning of the bike frame

Gentle cleaning of the bike frame

Give a hot water shower to your bike frame and then sweep a cloth piece to make it dry.

Like most of experts, I also do not recommend to use any cleaning liquid as they can make rust on bike.​

Overall cleaning of the bike

Take a dry cloth and mop all over the bike, especially, clean the rim and tires. Judge the dirt on the brake padcarefully, as most oftenpeople neglectit. In addition, check the roughness of the pad.

Remove the pad from the frame by using screwdriver and check either it is rough or smooth. If itbecomes smooth, use a sandpaper to make it rough for better performance of the brake.

Lastly, sock the paddle with hot water and clean with brush and cloth.

Extra care for your special bike

Polishing has proven its effect on preventing the deposition of dust on bike. Thus, I have included this in the bike cleaning tips. You can search polisher as bike cleaning products in online to get the desired one.​

Final touch: Applying lube​

Final touch: Applying lube

When all the parts and body become dry, you should apply some lubricants in the bike. It is better to begin the lubing from chain. Use a good quality lube in the chain and with a sprayer and allow it to dry.

Remove the rest of the lubricant by whipping with a dry cloth as the extra lube can attract the dirt. I prefer one of the following lubricants for bike –​

Follow the same technique to lube your bike rear and front mech, hand brake, suspension and gear. This will improve the performance.

Lastly, apply the lube in the brake cable housing to get a better braking experience.​

Common Small Bike Cleaning Tips

It is easier to use a bike stand for road bike maintenance and cleaning. Not only is this also true for mountain bike maintenance and cleaning but for other types of bike. If you are a people of innovative mind, you can make it by own or the regular buying option is available.

I have recommended the following bike stand for you –​

Some people like to use high-pressure hose to clean their bikes as the professionals. However, they forget about the damage caused by using the high-pressure hose. I met with peoplewho have the worst experience of damage in the gear, brake, frame and bearing by using high-pressure.

Pay attention to remove dust from the down side of your saddle. I have found most of the people forget to do this. Therefore, they have to buy a saddle frequently as dirt causes damage of your padded saddle.

Moreover, I have an opposition of removing the chain from the bike for cleaning. Most of the cases, you cannot deny the risk of having damage while setting or removing the chance. In addition, you can clean your bike properly without removing the chain.​

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that you know the best about you and your needs. Therefore, it is always the best way to clean your favorite bike by yourself.

No matter what is your status, a beginner or little experience in cleaning, after reading the bike cleaning tips you can now able to clean your bike properly without others help.​

Therefore, this is time for a practical. Collect the bike cleaning products and start following the bike cleaning tips in sequence for only 30 minutes in a weekend. Make your old bike to a new one.

Do not hesitate to ask anything regarding the best bikes for women. Just comment below and I will be there for you soon with many satisfactory answers.​

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