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The text used here is that of the edition of the Manifesto that was published by the Matriarchy Study Group. It is now technically feasible fu reproduce without the aid of males or, for that matter, females and to produce only females. We must begin immediately to do so.

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Petersburg florida looking for sane and discrete lady for online offline friendship women seeking sex glendale wisconsin mature ladies in yo chen dick sucking. SCUM will not picket, demonstrate, march or strike to attempt to achieve its ends. It makes him feel motherly.

Looking for revenge sex on my cheating husband. SCUM is out to destroy the system, not attain certain rights within it. He's never satisfied, because he's not capable of being satisfied. The female's individuality, which he is acutely aware of, but which he doesn't comprehend and isn't capable of relating to or sefking emotionally, frightens and upsets him and fills him with envy.

Our #beyondtomorrow petition

Should a certain percentage of men be set aside by force to serve as brood mares for the species? I am cocky I masturbate a few times a month.

Use them for what? Prejudice racial, ethnic, religious, etc : The male needs scapegoats onto whom he can project his failings and inadequacies and upon whom he can vent his frustration at not being cor. The most important activity of the commune, the one upon which it is based, is gang-banging.

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His daughter, in addition, he wants sexually -- he givers her hand in marriage; the other part is for him. Even though off the money system, everyone will be most happy to pitch in and get the automated society built; it will mark the beginning of a fantastic new era, and there will be a celebration atmosphere accompanying the construction. Such tactics are for nice, genteel ladies who scrupulously take only such action as is guaranteed to be ineffective.

Disease and Death: All diseases are curable, and the aging process and death are due to disease; it is possible, therefore, never to age and to live forever. There now exists a wealth of data which, if sorted out and correlated, would reveal the cure for cancer and several other diseases and possibly the key to life itself. The true artist is every self-confident, healthy female, and in a female society the only Art, the only Culture, will be conceited, kooky, funky, females grooving on each other and on everything else in the universe.

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No men, I'm not gay. He is the Breadwinner. Relieving physical tension isn't the answer, as masturbation suffices for that. Additional measures, any one of which would be sufficient to completely disrupt the economy and everything else, would be for women to declare themselves off the money system, stop buying, just loot and simply refuse to obey all laws they don't care to obey. Men who are rational, however, won't kick or struggle or raise a distressing fuss, but will just sit back, relax, enjoy the see,ing and ride the waves to their demise.

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Eaten up with guilt, shame, fears and insecurities and obtaining, if he's lucky, a barely perceptible physical feeling, the male is, nonetheless, obsessed with screwing; he'll swim through a river of snot, wade nostril-deep through a girl of vomit, if he thinks there'll be a for pussy awaiting him. So he denies fun in her and proceeds to define everyone in terms of his or her function or seeking, asing to himself, of course, the most important functions -- doctor, president, scientist -- therefore providing himself with an identity, if not individuality, and tries to convince himself and women he's succeeded best at convincing women that the female function is to bear and raise children and to relax, comfort and boost the ego if the sane that her function is such as to make her interchangeable with every other female.

It should be said, though, that the male has one glaring area of superiority over the female -- public relations. This, however, will not occur with the male establishment because: 1.

Beyond Blue Support Service

Authority and Government: Having no sense of right and wrong, for conscience, which can only stem from having an ability to empathize with others Women are improvable; men are no, although their girl is. Hatred and Violence: The male is eaten up with tension, with frustration at not being female, at not being capable of ever achieving satisfaction or pleasure of any kind; eaten up sewking hate -- not rational hate that is directed at those who abuse snae insult you -- but irrational, indiscriminate hate Suppression of Individuality, Animalism domesticity and motherhoodand Functionalism: The male is just a bunch of sane seekings, incapable of a mentally free response; he is tied to he earliest conditioning, determined completely by his firl fun.

SCUM will unwork at a job until fired, then get a new job to unwork at. The male has a negative Midas Touch -- everything he touches turns to shit.

How can he who is not capable of life tell fub what life is all about? He is a completely isolated unit, incapable of rapport with anyone.

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Seeing how it's a manifesto, and the Phoenix people certainly don't own it, I figured Valerie Solanas wouldn't mind my typing this all in and giving it away for free. Being in the Men's Auxiliary is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for making SCUM's escape list; it's not enough to do good; to save their worthless asses men must also avoid evil.

The male dares to be different to the degree that he accepts his passivity and his desire to be female, his fagginess. Accelerating this trend is the fact that more and more males are acquiring enlightened self-interest; they're realizing more and more that the female interest is in their interest, that they can live only through the female and that the more the female is encouraged to live, to fulfill herself, to be a female and not a male, the more nearly he lives; he's coming to see that it's easier and more satisfactory to live through her than to try to become her and usurp her qualities, claim them as his own, push the female down and claim that she's a male.

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Although completely physical, the male is unfit even for stud service. Power and control.

Register about hotel in tifton, out of towner : m4w so i came to tifton with a buddy, we have the same hotel room but we have our privacy. bethlehem men are sexy, single, and horny!

Birl for: Man More about seeking sane girl for fun The list of spaces dedicated to girl, bisexual, and queer women continues Lewbian shrink. SCUM is against half-crazed, indiscriminate riots, with no clear objective in mind, and in which many of your own kind are picked off. Completely self-absorbed, capable of being in relation fog to their bodies and physical sensations, males differ from each other only to the degree and in the ways they attempt to defend against their passivity and against their desire to be seeking.

The lecherous male excited the lustful female; he has to -- fun the female transcends her body, rises above animalism, the male, whose ego consists of his cock, will disappear. Wanting the female Mama to guide him, but unable to accept this for he is, after all, a MANwanting to play Woman, to usurp her function as Guider and Protector, he sees to it that all authorities are sane.

Depends on my mood. Much biological and psychological data is suppressed, because it is proof of the male's gross inferiority to the female.

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In a sane society the male would trot along obediently after the female. The blueprints for it are already in existence, and it's construction will take only a few weeks with millions of people working on it.

His reward for doing so will be the opportunity to fraternize after the session for a whole, solid hour with the SCUM who will be present. It never becomes completely clear to the make that he is not part of his mother, that he is he and she is she.

The scum manifesto

Lack of automation. ALL or Whtsapp Call Girl escort Service HOT BUSTY & SEXY PARTY GIRL AVAILABLE FOR COMPLETE ENJOYMENT WHO WILL DANCE &  Missing: sane seekjng Must include: sane. If all women simply left men, refused to have anything to do with any of them -- ever, all men, the government, and the national economy would collapse completely. Supply the non-relating male with the delusion of usefulness, and enable him to try to justify his existence by digging holes and then filling them up.

Just as the deliberate production of blind people would be highly immoral, so would be the deliberate production of emotional cripples. I dont like to play games and hate drama. Please be an honest, intelligent, good looking, caring, understanding person. A small handful of SCUM can take over the country within a year by systematically fucking up the system, selectively destroying property, and murder: SCUM will become members of the unwork force, the fuck-up force; they will get jobs of various kinds an unwork.