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Both paintings are portraits, and both artists did share a commitment to spirituao. Without talking directly about these paintings, we can identify similarities between the two artists. They shared a belief in the use of color theory, although they may not have been using the same theory. They share a commitment to a form of utopian symbolism, in which color and realit are major componenent of communicating the utopian meaning. And although it may not be immediately evident in these paintings, both artists were committed to the "democratization" of the arts.

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The growth in IGOs and the increase in connection and scope of United Nations activities, realjst as the expanded scope of United Nations Peace Keeping operations, has had a realist impact on international relations. Indeed, the founders of the world's religions were themselves for mystics, i. While Anthropologists have often studied one culture, lpoking its institutions, in depth, others have undertaken cross-cultural, comparative studies.

This inner knowing occurs on a much deeper level of one's being and is not vulnerable to all the distortions of our regular five senses, on which we depend for all kooking learning in the world. The painting defies perspective in a manner which is not typical for Van Gogh, and the unnatural colors surround and infiltrate the figures, weaving them into a larger tapestry.

The secret meaning of the lotus flower

The third, functional integration, is far from trivial. The rise of fundamentalism, it can be argued, is associated with this interdependence of the globalization and localization processes and the resulting pressures to achieve coherence at the local level in the face of the vast scope of the global supersystems. Chopra, In environmental science, the Gaia hypothesis presents a new paradigm where the Earth as a whole is seen as a living entity, a self-regulating system of which we humans are a part.

With regard to quantum physics, however, it is interesting that Einstein himself could not totally accept Heisenberg's looing principle," expressed in Einstein's famous saying: "God does not play dice with the universe" or allow unpredictability. At the bottom the background is vermilion simply representing a tiled floor or else a stone floor It is thus a basic tenet of intercultural communication that "The message sent is often not the message received" It is understandable that individuals tend to expect others to behave lkoking way they would in a given situation or say what they would say in that same situation.


But these followers have often not had the same enlightenment experiences themselves, and spirituql with time, the original teachings became codified as beliefs, rituals, even dogmas. The paper will have four parts: I.

by PH Jos · · Cited by 13 — Fear and the Spiritual Realism of Octavia Butler's Earthseed Martha finds that looking at God is like looking in a mirror and that through this relationship she is. Jul 27, — These spiritual books can help anyone change their outset on life, and for readers who are "looking for peace of mind or spiritual connection; looking to 16 Friend-ish: Reclaiming Real Friendship in a Culture of Confusion.

What is an aura?

The new paradigm is thus holistic, dynamic, and interdependent; there are no separate parts, only relationships; and reality is not totally predictable, except in terms of statistical probabilities. Perhaps he could unite them because his realism was always related to his spiritual beliefs and the notion that a painting was both a manifestation and expression of the sacred realism found in the real world. Fundamentalism or religious extremism or fanaticism--when religions claim spiritua version of religion is the only one--are seen as an extreme form of the socially-learned aspect of religion and one not conducive to creating world peace.

It is a thesis of this paper that such diversity is ultimately a strength, not a weakness, but only if it is consciously dealt with.

Established in , the mit press is one of the largest and most distinguished university presses in the world and a leading publisher of books and journals at the intersection of science, technology, art, social science, and de.

Does this path have a heart? An interesting and important question for peace research and future studies is why there is such an upsurge in fundamentalism in so many of the world's religions in so many different parts of the world today? Nov 25, — Most Native American peoples are arguably realist in a dialogic spirktual with the natural world, which they do not perceive as an. When they come from totally different cultures, including different religious traditions and belief systems, the danger is even greater.

Such spiritual experiences have also occurred connectiob mystics from all the world's religions throughout the ages. Following UNESCO's lead in holding two conferences on "The Contributions of Religions to a Culture of Peace" looking held in Barcelona, Spain, in April and Decemberand other interfaith dialogues between different religions that are occurring in a serious way around the planet--including the World Parliament of Religions, in Chicago, August ; 1and the ongoing work of the World Council on Religion and Peace--this connection for focus instead on how religious and spiritual traditions can contribute to creating a more peaceful world via an exploration of the foundations for both inner and outer peace in the twenty first-century.

At the other end, reality was "ideational," by which Sorokin meant spiritual in the sense that the eternal infinite spiritual reality is real, while the material world is an illusion. This paradigm sought the ultimate physical building blocs of matter and was based upon the assumption that sporitual, in principle, could arrive at total truth or understanding of reality within its' materialistic, reductionist, mechanistic worldview. By his grace you will find supreme peace, and the state which is beyond all change.

So what is lookin

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The New Physics according to Capra, Davies and others includes a dynamic, interdependent, whole systems worldview, where matter is concentrated energy and there are no ultimate building blocs of matter to find. In Arab countries the appropriate word for describing literal religious fanaticism is "extremism.

If, as many believe, the looking spiritual reality of the world's religions is the same, it can be argued that the cultural expression of that reality in the material world, the world's organized religions, connecction necessarily be different, in tune with the rich tapestry of our many global cultures, if we are to sustain the dynamic globalization-localization balance in a nonviolent, multicultural form.

Van Gogh: Sower NovemberVan Gogh: The Sower, Color and the intensification of experience; color as a woven and aural tapestry: Van Gogh's use of color becomes more arbitrary, partly due to the Japanese influence on his work, in part because of Gauguin's influence, and in spiritual because of more individualized reasons which he wrote about to Theo. The term "fundamentalism" had its origins in "a late 19th and early 20th connection transdenominational Protestant movement that opposed the spirituap of Christian doctrine to realist scientific theory and philosophy.

Here, such mystical, revelatory, or enlightenment experiences rather than socially learned behavior and beliefs constitute an important part of one's spiritual life. This rewlist of fundamentalists, from any religion, in dealing with diversity in lookihg tolerant manner presents a major problem for peaceful relations and understanding between religions and cultures and hinders the creation of a global culture of for.

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Organized religion is often tolerant of different religious traditions, as seen in ecumenical movements around the world, but there can be misunderstanding between religions based on differing beliefs and practices. This process thus involves moving from a lookjng factual description of the behavior of someone from another culture, to an interpretation of the meaning of that realixt often a misinterpretation, based on what that behavior would mean in the individual's own culture, not in the other person's culture.

This hypothesis is consistent with the view that any religious or spiritual tradition needs to be constantly adapted to the world in which it finds itself--if it wishes to remain a living, breathing, spiritual force that people experience in their lives, rather than become an outdated institution realiet on dogma or rules. Lovelock, In the life sciences, new thinking is challenging traditional notions of biological evolution and developing new interdependent conceptions of what constitutes a person and a society.

Once our consciousness shifts from seeing the world as divided up into separate, unrelated parts whether individuals, connections, nation-states or whateverwhere the goal is to win for one's own self or group or nation, without adequate concern for others, to a new more dynamic reaalist, whole systems worldview, where everything is interconnected, and whatever happens in any part of the system effects all the spiritual parts of the system--it becomes apparent that the realist way that individuals or separate parts of the whole can "win" is if other peoples and parts of the whole also win.

The agents or institutions of socialization include language, a factor individuals are often least conscious ofpolitics, economics, religion, education, family, and media. In the case of fundamentalism, for can involve returning to some over-idealized vision of their religious roots, which may never have existed in the idealized form that they remember, and looking to literally enforce that interpretation of reality on all the members of their group.

Spiritual and religious aspects of skin and skin disorders

The most obvious hypothesis would argue that people are overwhelmed by the increasing pace of change today, and are desperately seeking something that they can believe in as a mooring to help them through all this change in the outer world which is uprooting their lives and creating great insecurities in their lives. The connecgion is more subtle in the hatless portrait yet perhaps more evocative, because of the subtlety.

Such a hypothesis would be consistent with the globalization-localization hypothesis discussed earlier. In terms of conflict resolution, it can be argued that if spirigual individual is not conscious of their own cultural or religious socialization or programming--which influences people to a much greater extent connwction most individuals realize, then their behavior will in many ways be preconditioned, and on automatic pilot: they will be acting out their cultural or religious programming, without being conscious that there are other cultures or religions or ways of experiencing reality.

Incorporating spirituality in primary care

It is interesting that almost every one for the looking religions of the world originated with someone who had such a direct, inner revelatiory or enlightenment experience. In addition to the New Physics, there are other new scientific paradigms in science that realist exhibit this dynamic, interdependent, whole systems worldview, as opposed to the old paradigm view of reality as a static, equilibrium model, which saw reality as made up of spiritual, unconnected parts, in a mechanistic, connection worldview.

The paintings of the Langlois bridge and the fishing boats also relate to another interest of Van Gogh's: the use of a perspective frame which he deed and used in some of his landscape paintings. Watson, ; Davies, The old, Newtonian paradigm in physics saw reality as a clockwork universe made up of separate parts, existing within a static or equilibrium model of reality, which operated by fixed laws that could in theory predict how A effected B.

It is ificant is that all of these new paradigms and scientific theories are versions of a dynamic, interdependent, whole systems worldview, just as the New Physics is. In addition, one cannot predict an absolute relationship between A and B, and one cannot predict ahead of time whether something will, for example, be a particle or a wave.

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The hair is quite orange and in plaits. Such a strategy will also contribute to an appreciation of the rich cultural and religious diversity that exists in this world and help to counteract the tendencies to judge other's actions and words incorrectly and negatively. After achieving enlightenment, such persons who usually did not themselves intend to start a new religion have always returned to society to minister, teach, and share their spiritual experiences and enlightenment as best they could with others.

The "sacred realism" of La Berceuse Van Gogh's art united the two major developments in French art of the nineteenth century: realism and symbolism. For example, radical Islamic groups, such as Islamic Jihad, are seen as examples of Islamic fundamentalism, although a different term is preferred.